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Feel good referring your friends

If you have friends and family who you know would benefit from participating in online surveys, you might want to recommend that they join some of the programs you’ve been successful with. Making such recommendations with certain survey sites means that not only can you feel good about helping people close to you make money, but you can also earn a bonus by getting paid for your recruitment efforts!

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We’ve already posted the goods!

We have written a very detailed post entitled, Online Survey Referral Programs, which lists dozens of survey panels and the respective rewards that they offer to their members who get their friends and family to join. The list is quite extensive and has information on eligibility, minimum account balances required for rewards redemption, as well as the details of any refer-a-friend programs available.

A new way to search for referral programs

Not only have we just updated the list, but we’ve also added a new feature to SurveyPolice Pick-a-Perk, where you can now search to find out which survey sites offer referral programs.

Pick-a-Perk already gives you the ability to search survey sites by the rewards you’re looking for (PayPal, particular gift certificates, etc.) as well as by research opportunities (online surveys, focus groups, etc.) and now referral programs are added to the list!

Use Pick-a-Perk to find survey sites with referral programs

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