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Note: Visit these links for Xbox gift cards, Uber gift cards, Sephora gift cards, Subway gift cards, CVS gift cards

Airline Miles
Airline Miles (Aadvantage, etc.)

Amazon gift cards
Amazon gift cards or e-vouchers

Apple gift cards
Apple gift cards or e-vouchers

Best Buy gift cards
Best Buy gift cards or e-vouchers

Cash paid via check
Cash paid to you by check

Cash paid via PayPal
Cash paid to you by PayPal

Cash paid via bank transfer
Cash paid to your bank account

Donations to charity
Donations to charity

Retail e-vouchers
General retail gift cards or e-vouchers

Home Depot gift cards
Home Depot gift cards or e-vouchers


Movie vouchers
Movie vouchers

Prepaid debit or credit cards
Prepaid debit or credit cards

Sweepstakes entries
Prize draw entries

Restaurant gift cards
Restaurant gift cards or e-vouchers

Reward Link
Reward Link

Starbucks gift cards
Starbucks gift cards or e-vouchers

Target gift cards
Target gift cards or e-vouchers

Walmart gift cards
Walmart gift cards or e-vouchers

Advanced option: Points system? Most survey panels use a points system to reward their members. Therefore, although we recommend leaving this box checked, advanced users who strictly desire survey panels who express member earnings in cash amounts, may wish to uncheck this box.

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