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Pureprofile Now Accepting USA Members

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Pureprofile, an online survey panel that has existed in Australia for over a decade, is currently seeking new members from the USA (as well as from Australia and New Zealand).

Build your profile to earn

This unique program features a variety of activities (such as online survey taking, video watching, visiting websites, etc.) where through your paticipation, you will earn cash rewards. Pureprofile is not a GPT Program – it is a run by a market research company that’s interested in learning about its members through “profiles”.

No points systems – just cash

If you’re not a fan of figuring out points systems, you’re in luck! Pureprofile strictly awards cash for participating, so there’s no extra math to do. When you participate in an activity, you’ll see your account balance (expressed in dollars) grow. That’s all there is too it.

Get paid by PayPal

For USA members, payments are made by PayPal once your account reaches $25. Australia residents can choose to get rewarded by cash paid by bank transfer or PayPal, gift cards, or movie tickets.

Get rewarded for screenouts and referring friends

Even if you get screened out of a survey, you’ll still earn a reward for your time. And if you recommend Pureprofile to your friends, you’ll get $2.00 credited to your account once they participate in just two campaigns.

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