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$25 minimum account balance required to request bank transfer or PayPal payment.

Pureprofile General Information

You're fascinating!
Pureprofile is a survey panel that is interested in your unique thoughts and opinions - after all you are fascinating! The community accepts panelists from many countries worldwide and has been in operation since the year 2000. Take advantage of this fresh and exciting website with many great features all while being a part of a panel community made up of hundreds of thousands of survey takers.

Participate in personalized campaigns and earn:F

  • Paid campaigns - these campaigns are personalized to you and will give you earning opportunities. These include activities such as online surveys, invitations to visit websites, videos to view, and personalized offers which not only offer an incentive for viewing, but can also give you the opportunity to save money at your favorite stores.
  • Profile update campaigns - these are very quick, but unpaid campaigns, but they help build your profile. The more information your profile contains, the more paid opportunities you will receive.

The more campaigns you participate in, the more valuable your profile becomes. Each answer you provide adds value, and leads to more paid campaigns. Answer questions about yourself, your habits and lifestyle, and receive recommendations that are matched to your interests. Then, earn rewards to spend on things you actually want.

No points - get rewarded in cash
Pureprofile does not have a points system - your account balance will be shown in dollars. Get paid by PayPal with $25 or $50 in your account, or choose from other rewards options such as a bank transfer or movie tickets (if you live in Australia). A Pureprofile Rewards Card (for Australia residents only) needs just a $20 minimum balance to be redeemed.

Earn rewards, even if you get screened out
If you attempt to complete a survey, but are screened out and are unable to do so, you'll still receive a reward for your time.

Refer your friends to earn more
Refer your friends and extended family members to PureProfile and earn $2.00 for each person who completes two campaigns in total, one of which must be completed 30 days after they become a member.

Fast rewards processing times
After requesting your rewards, you will receive them within 30 business days of your request.

Here to stay
PureProfile is one of the web's oldest survey panels, at over a decade old. Although they originate in Australia, they have over one million members worldwide and continue to grow. Some of their members have participated as long as Pure Profile has existed!

Eligibility: International members accepted, 13+

"I trust them so far"
August 15, 2017 by Olivia from Australia

I'm sorry everyone is having problems with pureprofile. I joined about one month ago I have only done a few surveys and answered all the trivia questions and already have received a 20.00 Egift card and 25.00 cash deposit in my bank account. I don't have any problems with them yet the only problem is if you use a smartphone it takes a long time to log in also to get the surveys if you log in a couple times a day the surveys are usually available

"Terrible Waste of Time!"
August 08, 2017 by Beverley from United States

Pureprofile would like for you to live on their site, for their profit. However, you are fortunate to receive $2 a year in actual paid effort for your daily effort, at an average of ten cents a month. Sadly, this is not an exaggeration. One cannot cash out until they reach $50 and this will like take 50 years of effort! It is all one-sided with Pureprofile - all THEIR profit at the expense of YOUR effort.

"Don't invest time in pureprofile"
August 04, 2017 by Danielle from Australia

When i was told i had done something wrong i complained saying it wasn't in the terms and conditions. They then completely updated their terms and conditions with the problems I described and they also didn't state they could update them. Because of this they told me they'd forfeit my $150 which i spend hours and hours building up. No company should react to their members like this. No company should tell lies and refuse to provide information on why your account is being shut down. Worst survey company in the world, heed my warning do not EVER invest time in pure profile, rewards stingy and has THE WORST customer service and terms and conditions in the world!!!

"Worst site!"
August 03, 2017 by ginny from United States

This is The worst site I have ever been on. It has taken me 2 years to make $17. They hardly ever send surveys and when they do, I screen out. They waste my time with their daily activities which I never do anymore. Would not recommend this site to anyone!

"Rules changed!"
August 01, 2017 by Martin from United Kingdom

Taken over a year, finally got to £25 - but the minimum to cash out is now £50 !!!!

Wish I hadn't bothered with this one, but will have to keep going or waste what I've already earned




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