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20, 233 Castlereagh St, Sydney, NSW  2000 AU
Tel:    Contact: https://www.pureprofile.com/int/contact-us/
Operated by: Pureprofile Pty Ltd

Quick Overview:
Rewards Offered: Cash paid via PayPal Movie vouchers Retail e-vouchers
Member Opportunities: Online surveys Refer-a-friend program Teen surveys
Redeeming Rewards: $25 minimum account balance required to rewards.
Similar Panels: Opini, Panel Champ

Pureprofile Limited connects brands with consumers across the globe by finding, understanding and engaging them through direct-to-consumer technology platforms. The Pureprofile group is now a global leader in data insights, programmatic media, big data, and quantitative research, as well as consumer lead generation through the recently acquired Cohort group.

Pureprofile delivers next generation marketing solutions for more than 700 brands, publishers and research groups worldwide. Over the past 14 years, Pureprofile has paid out millions in rewards.

You're Fascinating!

Pureprofile is a survey panel that is interested in your unique thoughts and opinions - after all you are fascinating! The community accepts panelists from many countries worldwide and has been in operation since the year 2000. Take advantage of this fresh and exciting website with many great features all while being a part of a panel community made up of hundreds of thousands of survey takers.

Participate in Personalized Campaigns and Earn:

  • Paid campaigns - these campaigns are personalized to you and will give you earning opportunities. These include activities such as online surveys, invitations to visit websites, videos to view, and personalized offers, which not only offer an incentive for viewing, but can also give you the opportunity to save money at your favorite stores.
  • Profile update campaigns - these are very quick, but unpaid campaigns, but they help build your profile. The more information your profile contains, the more paid opportunities you will receive.

The more campaigns you participate in, the more valuable your profile becomes. Each answer you provide adds value, and leads to more paid campaigns. Answer questions about yourself, your habits and lifestyle, and receive recommendations that are matched to your interests. Then, earn rewards to spend on things you actually want.

Get Paid for Your Opinion

You opinion matters - and you'll be awarded with cash according to the amount of time you spend on a survey and how complex the survey is.

Pureprofile Learns About You as You Go

Within your feed, from time to time, you'll also see simple mobile-friendly questions about you/your profile. This will help you build your profile slowly over time, let Pureprofile learn about you and your interests, and gives you a chance for more exposure to more surveys that match up to your interests.

No Points - Get Rewarded In Cash

Pureprofile does not have a points system - your account balance will be shown in dollars. Get paid by PayPal with $25 and up to $50 in your account, or choose from other rewards options such as a bank transfer or movie tickets (if you live in Australia). In the UK, you can also choose to receive a GiftPay digital gift card.

A Pureprofile Rewards Card (for Australia residents only) needs just a $20 minimum balance to be redeemed. The total value of your redemption cannot exceed more than $50 within a 60-day period. Allow for 30 days (not including weekend and holidays) for your redemption to be processed.

Earn Rewards, Even If You Get Screened Out

If you attempt to complete a survey, but are screened out and are unable to do so, you'll still receive a reward for your time.

Refer Your Friends to Earn More

Refer your friends and extended family members to PureProfile and earn $2.00 for each person who completes two campaigns in total, one of which must be completed 30 days after they become a member.

Fast Rewards Processing Times

After requesting your rewards, you will receive them within 30 business days of your request.

Spotify Is Coming!

Pureprofile is working to offer Spotify Premium subscriptions as a reward option in the near future. Stay tuned!

Here to Stay

Pureprofile is one of the web's oldest survey panels, at over a decade old. Although they originate in Australia, they have over one million members worldwide and continue to grow. Some of their members have participated as long as Pureprofile has existed!

Eligibility: International members accepted, 13+

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Your Pureprofile account has been debited

September 11, 2019 by Bruce from Australia

Just had a couple of debits to my account because I allegedly provided poor quality responses to a couple of surveys I completed. What can I say .... noting the Company has posted a $700K loss for 2019 and it's further increased its debt facility. Must be looking for some extra revenue.

0 stars would be better

July 30, 2019 by Marcela Caroline from Australia

I did a Pureprofile survey using RAIZ App on the 16th of May of 2019 and earned $420,00 in credits. I took a screenshot of it and wrote an email to RAIZ Support team confirming about this amount. The RAIZ Support team confirmed this credit amount and said that I would have it in up 30 days in my RAIZ account. After 30 days, I wrote an email to RAIZ Support team asking about it, and they did not have any Pureprofile's survey in my historical. The RAIZ team asked me time to address it into Pureprofile, and they would return to me. More than 70 days after my first email, I had to inquire again about it. The RAIZ team replied: "Unfortunately due to the error we cannot provide that sum as it was a mistake."

It seems that both companies (Pureprofile and RAIZ) are dodge companies.

Great Payout, Regular Surveys

July 28, 2019 by Tristan from Australia

Been using the site for over 12 months. Each survey has its own perks and negatives. Starting off - There is constant surveys coming from this site for me. I get several a day, tend to check for them every few hours. Get the occasional bigger one over $10, they have some $35 surveys as well which take 4 hours. Only real drawback to this site is the Maximum withdrawal over 2 months. The value depends on your loyalty to the site. Was making $35/month recently. Good little site to jump onto. Reward versus your time is very positive. Site pays out in my opinion around $10-$15/hour on average.

I'm Done

July 15, 2019 by Kyle from United States

The amount of surveys that I actually get is close to nothing. It's more effort than results so I just closed my account with close to $5 in it. It would probably take some years to reach the threshold for a payment so I am going to just bid them a fond adieu.

Used to be good but not now

July 12, 2019 by Melissa from Australia

I have been with Pureprofile for about 10 years or more and as of 2019 I have had nothing but issues with them, and now, they say they paid me twice so they debited my account back to zero, 1 email said my account was debited because of inaccurate survey responses and 2nd email said my account was debited because they paid me twice when I shouldn't have been, personally I think they are full of it, because when i am logged in to my account their is no way I can check when my last redemption was, so they could be telling me anything and I wouldn't know, I do remember redeeming not that long ago, so I think I have been duped out of my true earnings, and seriously after 10 years with the panel why on this gods green earth would I start to given inaccurate responses to my surveys ??? I think they are just using that as an excuse to take my earnings off me, rather than making themselves look stupid, because my first email was accusing me of inaccuracies in my survey's then my second email was saying they overpaid me, not at all happy with them for 2019, I can safely say this survey site has gone to the dogs.