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If you love taking online surveys (who doesn’t!), and tend to stick with the same survey panels for extended periods of time, you might be interested in finding out which sites offer loyalty programs.

What is a survey loyalty program?

Some survey panels really like to show their appreciation to their survey takers who have taken a large number of surveys, or who have been members for a long time. As such, they may offer things like bonus points, cash bonuses, or small gifts of appreciation as part of their loyalty program.

Regular survey takers should take note!

If you take surveys regularly, it might be worth considering joining survey panels who reward active participation. It’s always nice to be recognized, and if you can earn some extra compensation as a token of appreciation, why not?

Survey panels who offer loyalty programs or bonuses:

ipsosIpsos i-Say
The more surveys you take in any calendar year equals more bonus loyalty points. For instance, receive 25 points after taking 5 surveys, 50 points for taking 10 surveys, etc.


myopinions australiaMyOpinions (Australia only)
Complete more surveys and climb your way up to higher loyalty levels. As you reach the different tiers (based on lifetime points), you’ll receive weekly bonuses on surveys (up to a maximum of 10%).


ncpNCP (National Consumer Panel) (USA only)
The longer you participate in this barcode scanning program, the more points you’ll be credited to your account. These increases start to occur after a few months of participation.


homescanNielsen Homescan
Similar to NCP, by regularly scanning your grocery purchases, additional points will be awarded weekly as your membership with the Nielsen Homescan panel matures.


univox communityUnivox Community
Their four different user levels allow users with higher statuses to redeem their points more frequently with smaller account minimums. For instance, basic users need 2,500 points ($25) for a withdrawal while ambassador users only require 1,000 points ($10).

canview connectCanview Connect (Canada only)
Canview Connect offers 4 different membership account levels. Increase your level by taking actions like requesting a rewards payment. Increasing your level will allow you to redeem your rewards with a lower account balance (for example, $5.00 vs $10.00).

Sidenote about GPT Programs:

Most GPT (get-paid-to) programs including PrizeRebel, InboxDollars, and EarnHoney, all offer their own versions of loyalty programs.


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