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Where to Take Surveys for Free Air Miles Reward Miles

Air Miles Canada
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Most Canadians are familiar with the Air Miles Reward Miles program; this loyalty program been around for decades, and millions of Canadians are members. If you’d like to earn Air Miles outside of making purchases, read on to see how you can take surveys in exchange for free Air Miles.

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How it works

The concept of this loyalty program is simple: shop at certain retailers, and receive Air Miles credited to your account. Exchanges your Miles for tons of rewards options such as gift cards and merchandise, or get “cash” rewards by having your final bill reduced at participating stores.

Although the program seems to have reached its peak, it is still wildly popular. And if you religiously collect Air Miles, you may be interested in how you can earn free Air Miles points, without having to make a purchase.

How taking surveys works

The process is very straightforward: simply sign up with these surveys sites to register to complete paid online surveys. Take surveys from your phone or on your computer and when you’ve earned enough to request a reward, opt to receive Air Miles. You’ll be asked by the survey company to provide your Air Miles collectors number, and when ready, your Air Miles will be transferred directly to your Air Miles account.

How do you know how many Air Miles will be transferred into your account? The number of Miles will be stated directly on the survey site. It will display a number of different rewards options, including Air Miles, and if you opt for the Air Miles option, the number of points you’ll receive will be directly stated there.

Survey sites who offer Air Miles

At the moment, there are only three online survey panels who offer Air Miles as a rewards option to Canadians in exchange for taking online surveys. Although the options are limited, the survey panels available have been offering Air Miles as a rewards option for many years now and will likely continue to do so.

leo surveys websiteLEO Surveys
This Quebec-based survey panel specializes in political polling but conducts online surveys on a variety of topics. LEO members earn LEO Points that they can exchange for Air Miles. Once you have reached 20 Air Miles by connecting your LEO account with your Air Miles account, you may click the “Rewards” tab. Then click on the Air Miles logo to receive your miles.

web perspectives websiteWeb Perspectives
This community of over 250,000 Canadians has been around for a long time. When you have 1,000 points in your account, you may request 50 Air Miles. For each online survey you successfully complete, you can expect to earn between 100 and 500 “Perspective Points”, which will accumulate in your account after each survey you take. These points can be redeemed for miles when you’re ready.

Rewarding Your Opinions
Similar to Web Perspectives (as they are both run by ResearchNow), the Rewarding Your Opinions survey panel offers miles as a rewards option…in fact, that’s all they offer to members! Upon joining, you will automatically receive 15 miles credited to your account.

More to come?

In the past, Air Miles was offered as a reward option by additional survey panels, but over the last few months, this has changed. In fact, on SurveyPolice Pick-a-Perk (a tool you can use to find surveys by rewards offered / types of research), we used to feature Air Miles, but as the number of results is down to only 3, we have decided to remove it from Pick-a-Perk, and discuss it here instead.

In the future, if more online survey panels decide to offer Air Miles as a rewards option for taking online surveys, we will re-add it to Pick-a-Perk.

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