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CashCrate (the GPT program) officially shut down on April 1, 2019, however their website was converted into a directory of ways to make money online. Note that when the GPT program portion of the website was shut down, members who had not reached the minimum cashout levels were unable to redeem their balances for a final payment. Cashcrate did not offer to issue a final payment for these balances.

The website in its current state primarily exists to earn referral commissions from users. Proper privacy policies and disclosures are missing from the website. We do not recommend using the Cashcrate website.

If you'd like to leave your comments or would like to discuss CashCrate, please do so on the SurveyPolice forum.

Cashcrate was a GPT (get-paid-to) website where you could earn cash for completing offers, doing tasks, and participating in online surveys.

How CashCrate Worked

Upon becoming a member and logging into Cashcrate, you would be presented with a variety of ways to start earning:

  • Offers – complete offers and get paid to try new products and signup for free websites and services
  • Surveys – give your opinions and earn cash for participating in research surveys
  • Shopping - get cashback on the purchases you make at hundreds of different online retailers
  • Games, contests, and more – interact with fellow Cashcraters, and earn prizes and points while you socialize and play games. Also get entries to win contests!
  • Referring friends – Cashcrate offered a generous multi-tiered referral program. Earn 20% of what your referrals earn, and an additional 10% of what your referral’s referrals earn. These levels increased to 30% of your referral’s earnings and 20% of what their referrals made, if you recruited a large number of new members. Extra cash bonuses were also offered.

Payment and Rewards

As the name implied, Cashcrate awarded cash to its members. A $20 balance was required in order to request a check or a PayPal payment. Payments took around 3-4 weeks to receive. Cashcrate had a Payment Wall gallery where members could upload images of checks and PayPal payments to prove that they really have been paid.

Community Features

Cashcrate came to be in 2002 and had over 2 million members worldwide. Thousands of dollars’ worth of checks were issued monthly (you could view these in their 'Gallery' on their website).

As per the note in red above, Cashcrate discontinued their GPT program in April of 2019. The information pertaining to their GPT program and the reviews listed below are no longer current.

Cashcrate Alternatives

If you were a member of Cashcrate, or are looking for legitimate programs to earn cash and rewards, there are hundreds of websites to choose from. A good starting point is to consult our Top Rated Survey Sites (as decided by actual survey takers) and the Top Rated GPT Sites. Alternatively, here are a few program suggestions you may wish to explore. PrizeRebel is surveys-centric, offers PayPal cash, gift cards and more. Branded Surveys offers online surveys, a great referral program, and more. Tellwut is a fun community where you can take surveys, create surveys and answer daily polls for gift cards.

CashCrate Reviews (28)

5 Star Reviews (11) 39.3
4 Star Reviews (4) 14.3
3 Star Reviews (4) 14.3
2 Star Reviews (3) 10.7
1 Star Reviews (6) 21.4

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Pretty good

February 10, 2019 by Marko from Serbia

Very good. Pretty satisfied with this site. The GPT Program had help me a lot


December 26, 2018 by Rosemary from United States

When I joined this site in 2013, it was my absolute favorite. Then they lost a contract and their "top surveys" incentive dropped. By 2017, it would take 2 months to reach the $20 cash out cap.
Right now I have $11 in my account and that is mostly from the .03 cent daily check-in and has taken 3 months to get there.
Maybe being a member here for 5 years, I have just run out of surveys that I qualify for, BUT, I have no problem on other sites. So, I'll check in everyday until I reach $20 and end my membership. Good luck to those still earning there, but I personally give Cashcrate 1 Star at this time.

Update: So after Dana from support reached out to me, I am changing my star rating to 3 because I don't want my recent issues to affect other users of this site. They are a good site (visit their payment wall) they are just not working for me currently. I will take Dana's suggestion and stick around for the 2019 surveys and update my review around June.

CashCrate reply logo

CashCrate responded to this review on December 27, 2018

The company that originally provided the TopSurveys was bought by another company a few years back, and unfortunately the surveys they provided were discontinued for every site. Please reach out to us by submitting a support request to us on our main site ( We'd be glad to review your account and the surveys available to you on the Surveys Page, TapResearch Page, etc. and see if we can make some suggestions to get you earning more. We still have lots of members making the $20 minimum payout each month and much more. We'd like to get your earnings back to that point too. Thanks.

Also, if you are completing surveys on other sites, you won't be able to complete the same surveys on CashCrate (or vice versa). Completing a survey on one survey site and then trying to complete it on another survey site could cause a disqualification. Not sure if that's what's happening here, but we have seen this happen a number of times in the past.

Update 12/24/2018: Thanks for replying back to us Rosemary. Support replied to the email address on your CashCrate account.
Trustworthy and dependable for earning extra cash

December 18, 2018 by elizabeth from United States

I've earned $1,500 extra cash in a few months on CashCrate. It helps fund my small online business and other nice little extras in life. The site is easy to use and you can always ask for help on their forum should you need to. I genuinely enjoy giving my opinion in surveys and find it rewarding but I most appreciate that I can earn extra money whenever I feel like it with no specified hours or demands/deadlines. CashCrate is worthy of your trust and definitely legitimate and you can come to depend on it.

Banned for Life!!!!!!

December 14, 2018 by Shelly from United States

Yes!!!! They did!!! For nothing !!!! I asked a question about a contest I had no idea had just ended. And got banned one the parts of Cashcrate. The largest part!!! Have been a member for 2 years!!! Sorry they felt that way!!!!! Do not ask any question on this site! No matter how small you might think it is!!!!! They will ban you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

CashCrate reply logo

CashCrate responded to this review on December 14, 2018

We never ban members from anything for asking questions. We love hearing from members and assisting them. We reviewed your account and are not seeing any blocks on our end. Please reach out to us via a support request ( ) and let us know what you've been blocked from. It's possible a survey provider has blocked you from something on their end and we'd be glad to look into this for you. Support will reply to the email address on your CashCrate account.
One of the best!

August 22, 2018 by Kristine from United States

I joined cashcrate on 2007 and to this day get paid every single month without any problems!