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CashCrate (the GPT program) officially shut down on April 1, 2019, however their website was converted into a directory of ways to make money online. Note that when the GPT program portion of the website was shut down, members who had not reached the minimum cashout levels were unable to redeem their balances for a final payment. Cashcrate did not offer to issue a final payment for these balances.

The website in its current state primarily exists to earn referral commissions from users. Proper privacy policies and disclosures are missing from the website. We do not recommend using the Cashcrate website.

If you'd like to leave your comments or would like to discuss CashCrate, please do so on the SurveyPolice forum.

Cashcrate was a GPT (get-paid-to) website where you could earn cash for completing offers, doing tasks, and participating in online surveys.

How CashCrate Worked

Upon becoming a member and logging into Cashcrate, you would be presented with a variety of ways to start earning:

  • Offers – complete offers and get paid to try new products and signup for free websites and services
  • Surveys – give your opinions and earn cash for participating in research surveys
  • Shopping - get cashback on the purchases you make at hundreds of different online retailers
  • Games, contests, and more – interact with fellow Cashcraters, and earn prizes and points while you socialize and play games. Also get entries to win contests!
  • Referring friends – Cashcrate offered a generous multi-tiered referral program. Earn 20% of what your referrals earn, and an additional 10% of what your referral’s referrals earn. These levels increased to 30% of your referral’s earnings and 20% of what their referrals made, if you recruited a large number of new members. Extra cash bonuses were also offered.

Payment and Rewards

As the name implied, Cashcrate awarded cash to its members. A $20 balance was required in order to request a check or a PayPal payment. Payments took around 3-4 weeks to receive. Cashcrate had a Payment Wall gallery where members could upload images of checks and PayPal payments to prove that they really have been paid.

Community Features

Cashcrate came to be in 2002 and had over 2 million members worldwide. Thousands of dollars’ worth of checks were issued monthly (you could view these in their 'Gallery' on their website).

As per the note in red above, Cashcrate discontinued their GPT program in April of 2019. The information pertaining to their GPT program and the reviews listed below are no longer current.

Cashcrate Alternatives

If you were a member of Cashcrate, or are looking for legitimate programs to earn cash and rewards, there are hundreds of websites to choose from. A good starting point is to consult our Top Rated Survey Sites (as decided by actual survey takers) and the Top Rated GPT Sites. Alternatively, here are a few program suggestions you may wish to explore. PrizeRebel is surveys-centric, offers PayPal cash, gift cards and more. Branded Surveys offers online surveys, a great referral program, and more. Tellwut is a fun community where you can take surveys, create surveys and answer daily polls for gift cards.

CashCrate Reviews (28)

5 Star Reviews (11) 39.3
4 Star Reviews (4) 14.3
3 Star Reviews (4) 14.3
2 Star Reviews (3) 10.7
1 Star Reviews (6) 21.4

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Just s waste of time

April 8, 2018 by Rockwell from United States

Get rejected for most surveys. Half an hour to get one survey. Games are nice but playing for a penny a game is ridiculous. The rest is just junk so unscrupulous web hunters can get your information and flood your in box with total junk.

CashCrate reply logo

CashCrate responded to this review on April 8, 2018

We are sorry you have not enjoyed your experience with us so far. Please contact us directly by submitting a support request ( ). We'd be glad to take a look at your account and offer any assistance that we can.

If you completed cash offers on our site and provided an email address, you are giving the company(s) sponsoring the offer your permission to contact you.

Surveys are based on demographics such as your interests, occupation, where you live, etc. The survey providers want to make sure the surveys are done by the people most qualified for each particular topic. New surveys come out all the time, so if you don't qualify for many now, chances are you'll be able to qualify for more in the future. As you complete more surveys, survey companies attempt to better match you to surveys that you may qualify for.
Waste of Time

April 2, 2018 by Cinque from United States

This GPT (Get Paid To) program is a waste of time do to the following reasons...

1) Surveys on this site are extremely picky. You will get filtered out, or disqualified from %90 of their surveys on this site. It's very discouraging, and a very frustrating way to earn money online.

2) Extremely low incentives. When you get filtered out of a survey you get absolutely nothing in return.

3) Twenty to thirty minute surveys that will either disqualify you at the very end, or redirect you to another survey at the very end and not give you credit.

4) It will take months, or a whole year before you have enough money (20.00$) to cash out.

5) This website is boring!

If I could give them 0 / 5 stars I would. Ignore the person doing damage control on here! They get paid to only say nice things.

Update: I would highly recommend going to instead. They have a much better GPT program! You get paid $0.02 for clicking on their emails, $0.05 each time you use their search function, and get scratch off credits for every survey that you do even if you get filtered out. They also have daily trivia that will give you scratch off credits as well.

CashCrate reply logo

CashCrate responded to this review on April 3, 2018

We're very sorry you're unhappy with our site. Please feel free to reach out to us. We'd be glad to take a look at your account and see if we can offer some tips on qualifying to you.

We do have members making payout and more every month. CashCrate also has a proven payment history and we've been paying our members for over a decade. Please feel free to see our Payment Wall where members post the payments they receive from us:

Surveys are based on demographics such as the location you live in, your interests, etc. Surveys may also contain control type questions, asking you to provide a specific answer, etc. If an incorrect answer is given, that can cause a disqualification as well. Consistency in answers for that survey and across other surveys may also be taken into consideration.

We respond to member concerns on Survey Police and also on our own site via our support platform. Please submit a support request here and we'd be glad to take a look at your account: Thanks.

Update: We see you updated your review. Our team is discussing your concerns and again, please reach out to us through our support page so we can try to make things right for you.
Great Site

January 7, 2018 by Frank from United States

I decided to say my final goodbye with Cashcrate. Two times I did not receive payment from them.

Update: My apologies to Cashcrate. My payment was a little late, and on top of that they sent me my missing payment from four years ago. Was not expecting that, but it's nice getting a late Christmas present :) Thank you Cashcrate.

CashCrate reply logo

CashCrate responded to this review on January 4, 2018


We tried reaching out to you about this on Facebook and asked you to submit a support request regarding this so we can communicate with you directly. We also want to verify your payment information with you, to make sure the email address you entered on your account is your correct and current PayPal email address. We checked our support database and do not see a request from you yet this week. You've been a long term member and made a lot of money with us and we want to make this right for you.

Part of the issue may be that you closed/removed your account before the last payment was issued.

Please take a moment to submit a request via the Contact Us link on our site as we cannot provide specific account details via Facebook or Survey Police. We've been paying our members for over a decade and want to make sure you get paid as well.


Update Jan 4: Frank, thank you for replying on Facebook today that you did receive your last PayPal payment. Payments ran a little later because of the holiday: Note: If the 1st falls on a weekend or holiday, payments may go out on the next business day. As for the 2nd missing payment (check) from 4 years ago, unfortunately we are unable to verify payments that old with out bank, but please reach out to us and we'll see what we can do.
So far so good!

January 5, 2018 by kelly from United States

I would give this site more stars, but it is so hard to qualify for a survey. I just reached the $20 to cash out. Took me 2 years! I do log in EVERY day! You get paid 3 cents a day for checking in. If you don't miss a day checking in, they give you a 50 cent bonus the beginning of next month. I am not sure when I get my check, and hopefully I will get it! I just read a review where someone never got their check! Thats why I like PayPal, which now should be available to me, after the 1st cashout, the site promises. Anyway, I will give this site more attention in 2018. I do enjoy it. It is so much better than other sites out there! I just hope I get my check!

CashCrate reply logo

CashCrate responded to this review on January 5, 2018

Hi Kelly,

CashCrate has been paying members for over a decade and we have a proven payment history. You can see a lot more info about payments, when they should arrive, and when PayPal becomes available here ( ). If a check is lost in the mail (that happens rarely), we are glad to reissue a replacement payment after the original expires. Making sure our members get paid is a top priority.

As for surveys, they are based on demographics such as your location, interests, etc. As you take more surveys, it will help match you to surveys that you may qualify for. Here's some additional details:

The survey companies make sure that the surveys are done by the people most qualified for each particular topic. Some surveys are looking for people with specific tastes, other surveys may be looking for people in specific places, etc. They get new surveys all the time. So chances are if you don't qualify for a survey now, you will in the near future.

Also, if you try taking a survey and don't qualify on the first attempt, you can keep trying until you do qualify for a survey. We have lots of other members who do this, and they are making payout and more every month.

If you have any questions about surveys or your payment, please feel free to submit a support request on our site: ( ) Support will reply to the email address on your CashCrate account.

Ultimate way to make money from Cash Crate

August 22, 2017 by Myunghwan from South Korea

Cashcrate is a really good method to earn money from home. If you put some more effort than just taking surveys, you will earn really decent amount of extra income like $500 to $1,000 monthly(or even more depending on how you do). Referral program in the site is a good example of how to make good money just at your computer desk at home. When you get a referral referred by you, you will get a instant $1 referral fee. And the one referred by you reaches its first $10, the referral will get another referral bonus $3. It's not even all. You will CONSISTENTLY 20% to 30% of all your DIRECT referrals and your INDIRECT referrals for LIFE.
Direct referral means referrals who were referred directly by you. Indirect referral means referrals referred by referrals who were referred by you. So Simply speaking, it has 2-tier multi level earning system. the more you refer the more consistent PASSIVE income automatically credited to you every month.

CashCrate reply logo

CashCrate responded to this review on August 22, 2017

Thank you for the nice post and we're glad to hear you are enjoying our site. We appreciate you taking the time to leave us a review.

At CashCrate, we actually have a one level referral program ( ). You start by earning a 20% referral commission, and that commission can increase as you add more referrals.

As for the bonuses, all members start with the $3 bonus: Members receive a $3.00 bonus when a referral from any country makes their first $10.00. When you reach Silver, the $1 referral bonus option becomes available: $1.00 when a referral in the USA, Canada, or the UK completes their first survey or cash offer. At the Silver Level, you can choose one bonus or the other.