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Operated by: FusionCash Inc.
PO Box 7095, Santa Cruz, CA 95061-7095
Contact: http://www.fusioncash.net/support.php

FusionCash is mainly a GPT (get-paid-to) website where you can earn cash for completing offers. You can earn additional incentives by completing tasks and participating in online surveys.

How FusionCash Works

Upon becoming a member and logging into FusionCash, you will be presented with some choices on how you can earn cash:

  • Offers – completing offers is one of the main ways to earn cash with FusionCash. Try out new services for a trial period (typically 30 days) and try out a product, or test out software during this time. You may cancel when the trial period is up, and earn credit for your participation. Some of these are “instant credit” offers, and some offers require a credit card, though not all do.
  • Surveys – FusionCash offers surveys available as “FC Surveys”, which are provided by Precision Sample LLC, as well as by occasional other providers. You may be e-mailed surveys, and there may also be surveys available through your own personal account dashboard.
  • Shopping – earn cashback on the purchases you make at different online retailers when you access their stores through your FusionCash account.
  • FusionCash also offers paid to call opportunities, and the opportunity to earn more by listening to their radio, watching videos, completing tasks, and doing internet searches.
  • Refer friends and family – earn $1 every time you successfully refer a friend, $2 when they complete their first offer, and $5 each time they cash out their earnings.
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Payment and Rewards

3 Reward Options

FusionCash offers three different payout options: check, direct deposit, and PayPal. The minimum payment threshold is $25, with $15 having to be in personal earnings (not from referrals).

PayPal payments tend to be quick, and a verified PayPal account is required. All rewards and payments are issued in US dollars and unlike other GPT websites, no processing fees are applied.

Community Features

FusionCash is Over a Decade Old

Since 2005, FusionCash has been rewarding their members. To date, they have paid out more than 3 million dollars. They are based in California and have members in all 50 States.

FusionCash also runs a very popular online forum which has over 1 million posts.

Eligibility: Residents of USA and Canada 18 years of age or over, or US residents 13-17 years old with parental permission.

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3 Star Reviews (4) 10.5
2 Star Reviews (5) 13.2
1 Star Reviews (20) 52.6

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July 17, 2018 by Charlotte from United States

Love it. Earn cash for surveys, videos post your comments & more!

great site

August 29, 2017 by ron from United States

I have been with FC since 2013 and have cashed out every month averaging about $40-45 a month.. don't plan on getting rich using the site, but the extra money does help and it's easy to make... I spend only an hour or 2 a day unless I have more time and do mostly surveys but also watch videos, do tasks, etc... give them a try... the community forum and support are superb and very helpful


August 13, 2016 by abby from United States

cool website recently started using it seems legit im pretty happy with it already gotten some points no rewards yet

One of the Very Best

July 7, 2016 by Donna from United States

Seeing so many bad reviews for FC and can't figure out why besides the fact that a lot of people, upon joining FC, never bother to read their TOS. It explains everything and FC is one of the easiest places to make some cash every month. Been a member now for quite a few years and I have no problems at all cashing out every month. I guess it pays to try it for yourself and make your own decisions as to whether it works for you or not.

very good!

June 30, 2015 by Regina from United States

This is a great site! There are surveys, videos and other things to do to earn money! The amount of time you put in is reflected in your payout. Usually, my payouts have occurred a few days ahead of the stated date!