A Guide for Navigating GPT Websites

“Get Paid To” websites have been around for many years and are only getting bigger. A type of loyalty program, GPT sites quite commonly have millions of members.

Essentially, the concept behind GPT sites is advertisers offer trials, surveys, etc. that the GPT sites then offer to their members. When their members participate in these, they earn a portion of the revenue that the GPT website earns. Because many of the options available on the GPT site are things that their users would do anyway (shop online, do internet searches etc.), GPT sites are attractive places to earn “cash back”.

How to find legitimate GPT websites

A well-run, legitimate GPT website has some key characteristics. These include:

  • being completely free to join
  • having plenty of high paying offers and surveys available
  • offering daily surveys and new frequent new trials and offers
  • hassle-free, quick payouts
  • an established reputation; ideally, the site has been around for a few years and is established
  • having an attainable minimum payout threshold (which ideally does not exceed $25)
  • quick response to customer service inquiries
  • sites that run their own online forums are typically a very good sign
  • no unreasonable account requirements (such as having to log in every month) in order to keep your account active
  • strong presence on social media; because these types of websites tend to regularly post bonus codes and new offers, legitimate GPT sites can be unusually popular on social media
  • payment proofs posted on their website

Tip! Be careful signing up for GPT sites. As with anything, there are scams out there that you should be wary of and sites who you will experience difficulty collecting payment from. Ensure you read reviews on SurveyPolice before signing up with any GPT website.

What GPT scams often look like

  • No clear information on who actually owns the website and where they are located
  • Poor customer service, or none at all
  • Sites who only offer paid memberships
  • Completing surveys and offers and not getting credited for them
  • Extraordinarily high supposed member earnings for a brand new GPT website

Tips for Participating in GPT Programs

  • Set up a new e-mail address specifically for GPT websites (you can use the same one you use for surveys)
  • Open a PayPal account (if you don’t already have one) so you can get paid cash
  • Use Roboform to save time filling out forms
  • Check your e-mail for confirmation links, etc. after you sign up for offers (sometimes you need to do this final step in order to be credited)
  • Before shopping online, check to see if your favorite store has a cashback option through any GPT sites you’re a member of
  • Refer friends to increase your earnings
  • Do your internet searches using the search tool available on most GPT sites
  • Keep your own log/spreadsheet on which offers you’ve completed and when. That way, if there are any problems crediting your account, you will have the tasks you’ve completed, on record.