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Operated by: Prodege, LLC
100 N. Pacific Coast Highway,
8th Floor, El Segundo, CA 90245

Inboxpounds is a UK-focused cash-based online rewards club that passes on the revenue it generates from advertisers to its members. By participating in paid surveys, reading e-mails, playing games, redeeming coupons, and more, you can get cashback on your activates.

How InboxPounds Works

Earn cash credited to your account when you complete particular tasks. These include:

  • Playing games – earn additional cash playing online games including Bingo, slots, and digital scratch cards.
  • Complete offers – discover new products and services by completing special offers, and not only save money by doing so, but earn additional cashback.
  • Answering surveys – visit your surveys dashboard to find available online surveys, and earn cash upon every successful completion.
  • Complete tasks – label products, sort online content, research answers, and earn additional cash rewards for completing simple tasks.
  • Reading e-mails – receive emails with special offers for famous brands, and earn cash when you open some special emails.
  • Referring friends - refer friends and earn 10% of what they earn. Banners and links are provided in your account.

Payment and Rewards

Once your account reaches a balance of £20, you can request a cheque.

For non-Gold members, it takes around two weeks for payments to be processed. For gold members, payments are processed weekly.

Becoming a Gold Member

Once you cash out for the first time, your account will automatically be upgraded to gold. Gold members enjoy additional perks including faster payments, more sweepstakes entries, more loyalty rewards, and additional referral rewards.

Community Features

InboxPounds is a Solid Choice in the UK

InboxPounds was founded in 2010 and has a large presence in the UK with over 230,000 Facebook fans. Internationally, including their InboxDollars website, they have awarded over £40 million in rewards to their members. 24/7 support is provided.

InboxPounds is run by Prodege, who also runs Swagbucks, InboxDollars (USA/International website) and DailyRewards (Canada focus).

Eligibility: InboxPounds is open to UK residents 18 years of age and older.

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1 Star Reviews (8) 38.1

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Good site

February 1, 2023 by Carol from United Kingdom

I like inboxpounds. To be honest they pay really small rewards for surveys. I have before now spent 30 minutes doing a survey for a 20p reward. There are other ways on the site to make a few extra pence a day and customer service is pretty good.

Quick payout

June 16, 2015 by Linda from United Kingdom

This survey is great you can get the points on so many thing like looking for anything and the survey are so fair and you can do about five a day so does not take long to get the money and they are very quick at paying out.

Regular Earning Opportunities

January 23, 2017 by Steve from United Kingdom

Just received my latest cheque (£20+), which included a nice £5 bonus from the spin to win feature.

Legit 100%

September 18, 2022 by Samantha from United Kingdom

Great site, lots of surveys and they pay out when you get to £20. It's free money, what's not to love. Been using for years.

I like this site

August 30, 2017 by Annette from United Kingdom

I have read a few reviews claiming this site is a con But I have to say I have had not problems and have in fact been very happy. I am pence off getting £130 since Oct with no problem getting paid. I have found the staff helpful. The rough length of survey and amount is listed so you can can agree each one in turn and double check when it loads you have been sent to the right one, this is one to keep an eye on as they use other companies and they can list as 5min just to say 50min when you get to start page. That is the only problem I have had. Also get paid to search internet and click spam e mail so very happy overall.