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Huhnsgasse 34b, Cologne,   50676 DE
Tel: +49 221 272318 0   Contact: https://mingle.respondi.com/contact.php
Operated by: respondi AG


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Request a bank transfer payment, gift voucher, or donate your points to charity within 3 months when your account reaches a balance of 2000 points (£12).

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Panel Champ

mingle is the research panel of respondi AG that is geared towards Europe and the UK. It originated back in 2005, and has a very large community following with 300,000 current members. Join mingle and gain the chance to change how decisions are made and other business processes. You could be the influence that the business world needs!

Surveys, Questionnaires and Product Testing

At mingle there are quite a few research methods that panel members can be involved with. Online surveys that come in the form of questionnaires are common, as well as shorter surveys that are known as “opinion trend surveys”. You may also be asked to test a product from a well-known manufacturer.

Survey Details

Survey questionnaires usually range from 5 to 20 minutes to finish. Most panel members will be invited to participate in studies twice a month. However, this frequency can vary with some months having more invites and others, less.

Rewards System

Some surveys provide no incentive while others offer entries towards prize draws. Most surveys however give rewards in the form of “mingle points” as a thank you for providing your valuable opinions. The amount of points you receive is based on the amount of content/time you put into questions.

If you do not qualify for a survey you will automatically be awarded 10 mingle points. Most surveys pay out about 50 mingle points each. 1000 mingle points is the equivalent of 8 GBP.

Collect Cash, Vouchers or Donate!

Once you have collected 2000 mingle points (16 GBP) you may redeem your points for a variety of rewards within three months’ time. After 3 months, your points will expire, so be sure to act quickly!

  • Cash deposited into your bank account
  • Gift Vouchers
  • Charity Donations: Choose from a variety of well-known charities

Other Bonuses

After you register and complete your welcome survey, mingle will gift you 100 points to get you started! You can also get your friends involved in mingle, if you refer three or more new panel members, you could win an iPad for you and each of your friends!

Eligibility: 16+ and living in the UK or Europe. International banking code is required for payment purposes.

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5 Star Reviews (4) 19.0
4 Star Reviews (5) 23.8
3 Star Reviews (3) 14.3
2 Star Reviews (3) 14.3
1 Star Reviews (6) 28.6

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May 28, 2019 by Chris from United Kingdom

they don't send me surveys often but they don't screen my out very much and the pay is reasonable.


May 21, 2019 by Sue from United Kingdom

Once I arrived at 1,000 points surveys stopped - they have also stopped awarding points if you get screened out. I keep hearing you can receive products to review but in all my many years with them have never received anything.

Points expiry.

November 23, 2018 by Alex from United Kingdom

I dropped this site a while ago when I realised that points I had earned were expiring before I was able to reach the minimum payout level. This meant I could get close to making a claim, but couldn't quite get there. Shame really, because the site has potential if people are paid for the effort they put in regardless of when they put that effort in.

Few surveys, hard to qualify, some errors

April 24, 2018 by Leo from United Kingdom

Very few surveys & qualifying is even harder, over 1 year I'm almost close to redeem the lowest prize. ------- Never asked to test a product. ------- C-s replies to emails, if problems (errors, survey doesn't work etc) you may get an apology or a few token points, though the latter makes up for the 5p you don't always get when you do not qualify (as they say they do), or for other survey errors.------- However, the fact that they tell you that there is an exchange rate if you redeem by bank loses my rating stars, considering the fact that 75points survey is paid just £0.60 (not a common issue amongst points panels) and their average survey points varies from 60, 50, 40 points (rarely 75 or more) so Mingle rewards your time quite poorly.------- Their app is good only for checking your points.------- I like it for M&S and Amazon rewards.

Hit & Miss Panel

December 30, 2017 by Sean from United States

Mingle was a bit hit and miss for me over the years. I was a panelist for 10 years.

One of the biggest pro's of using mingle, was that they regularly gave product tests to try at home. Over the years I tried various soft drinks, chocolates & sweets, snacks and perfume/mouthwash. I found the product tests to be a real bonus for me, as it made things more interesting.

However in terms of surveys and incentives, surveys were rare and incentives took a long time to gather up. Furthermore, the points value isn't that easy to understand. I would often wait for when I was able to order a Bank Transfer and found that I earned around £80 per year on average from using the panel. However, although that figure is low, the at home tests made it worthwhile for me. I'm sad that its a European panel as I am not able to have an account now I've moved abroad!