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Finding the Best Paid Surveys in Sao Tome and Principe

Taking paid surveys from the comfort of home is a great way to earn extra money and rewards and finding legitimate paid surveys sites in Sao Tome and Principe is best done by reading reviews. Scroll down to read reviews from thousands of survey takers who have decided who the best online survey sites are.

If you're interested in more than just taking surveys as a way to make money online, you'll be excited to know that there are other ways you can earn cash and rewards:

Focus groups

Focus groups involve a group of participants meeting to discuss a topic. Focus groups can be held online or in person and can pay very well, as they are more difficult to qualify for than regular online surveys.

Product Testing

Products testing involves being sent a physical product to test. Products tests can be for food, makeup, cleaning products, small appliances - anything that a manufacturer would like feedback on. This type of research involves testing a product from home, and then completing a follow-up survey.

Video Surveys

Involves respondents answering questionnaires or interacting with a website while using a webcam. This provides researchers an extra layer of information and pays more than traditional online surveys.

GPT Sites

GPT stands for 'get-paid-to' and GPT websites are portals you can earn rewards by participating in a wide range of activities from the same spot. These sites list surveys, online tasks you can do for money, offers to complete, games you can play for cash, and more. We list them by user reviews - just as we do survey sites.

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Top User-Rated Paid Survey Sites in Sao Tome and Principe

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