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1410 Broadway, Suite 3001, New York, NY  10018 US
Tel: +1-646-386-9853   Contact: [email protected]
Operated by: InSites Consulting


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There is a minimum approximate account balance of $10 required in order to request rewards.

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WARNING: As of late 2018, some Future Talkers users have been experiencing problems collecting payment and customer service inquiries appear to be going unanswered. Please bear this in mind if you are continuing to complete surveys for Future Talkers.

Future Talkers is a consumer research panel owned by InSites Consulting, a global top 10 most innovative market research agency that focuses on letting consumers voices get heard in new and creative ways. Join over 100,000 people in over 50 countries who are interested in voicing their opinions online. Participate in interesting research projects and get paid for taking surveys, participating in group discussions, and more.

Types of Studies

Future Talkers invites panelists to participate in:

  • Online surveys
  • Online real-time discussion groups
  • Online research communities discussing a shared topic over a period of time
  • One-on-one discussions with a moderator
  • Online real-time interviews

The invites vary from one a month to one a week with the exception of Super Talkers, who will receive one invite a day. For each research study you participate in, you will earn cash rewards. The amount will depend on the length or intensity of the research community.

Cashout Your Rewards With Low Minimums

Future Talkers has low minimum payouts that vary by country. They also have maximum payouts, meaning if you have more than the maximum payout, you will only receive the maximum, with the rest will remain in your account.

You may request a PayPal payment when you've reached the minimum account balance. If the country you reside in does not have PayPal available, another payment provider will be offered to you at the time of cash out. Note that it is important that you use the same email to sign up to Future Talkers as the one associated with your PayPal account. Also be aware there is a 2% transaction fee on PayPal payouts.

Here is a sample of minimum/maximum payout levels:

  • Australia: minimum: $12.75 AUD, maximum: $17.00 AUD
  • Canada: minimum: $9.38 CAD, maximum: $12.50 CAD
  • United Kingdom: minimum: 6.00 GBP, maximum 8.00 GBP
  • United States: minimum $9.38 USD, maximum: $12.50 USD

Apply To Be a Super Talker and Receive More Surveys

Once you join Future Talkers, when logged into your account, you will be offered to become a Super Talker. Super Talkers receive more invitations to complete surveys - up to one invitation daily.

Eligibility: 16+, worldwide

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September 25, 2019 by Rita from Portugal

The panel doesn't have the possibility to change the your e-mail address (in case you can't access your previous one anymore), so I lost all the money accumulated and had to create another account.

Hardly worth it...

July 29, 2019 by Brian from United States

When I first signed up for this site, I got e-mails from them on a fairly regular basis, not that I ever made that much taking their surveys. It's been well over a year or more now, and I don't get sent surveys from them anymore. Not going to waste my time logging into the site for surveys that pay out next to nothing.

best website

January 26, 2016 by rushiraj from India

it is best website i have ever seen. it is best market research agency. it is working with some of the wolds biggest brands.