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Global Headquarter Services, 35, rue du Val de Marne Paris,   75013 FR
Tel: 0808 129 5701   Contact: [email protected]
Operated by: Ipsos


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Ipsos is looking for people in the UK to tell and share with them what they do on a day to day basis. Researchers at inCompass want to know what you’ve been watching, reading, playing and listening to and what sort of websites and apps you use, if any. This will help shed some light on what’s important to you when it comes to TV, the radio and the internet.

How inCompass/MediaCell+ Works

Shape the Future of UK Media

Both the inCompass and MediaCell+ apps collect information to help understand how people today watch TV, listen to the radio, use the internet and what sort of devices they do all these activities on. This data will help paint a picture of media consumption in the UK today, and how this is changing over time. The information will be used to help shape the future of TV, radio, music services and the internet.

MediaCell+ App for Smartphones

This app (part of inCompass) is downloaded to your smartphone and runs in the background of your phone. It should not interfere with your phone's usage, however it may affect the speed at which your battery drains. The phone will measure the apps and website you visit (via a VPN connection), along with audio generated from TV shows or radio stations, but the data will be anonymized and aggregated when used (see privacy information below).

inCompass App for all Other Devices

For users without smartphones, or for users with additional devices, the inCompass app can be added to your PC, laptop or tablet, and will monitor how you use your devices. The websites and Apps you visit on these device will be monitored, however data on things you access in-app will not be sent to inCompass (for instance, content within messaging apps or bank details).

Payment and Rewards

Monthly Rewards

The InCompass panel offers shopping vouchers worth £20 after your first month on the panel, and £10 for each further month you take part. If you use both the MediaCell and Mediacell+ apps, you will receive a £10 online voucher for each full month you submit data. Simply keep the Mediacell+ app running on your smartphone and the inCompass app on your other devices to collect your earnings.

Special diary assignments (typically held 4 times a year) offer £5 for the completion of 7-day diaries.

Rewards Redemption

inCompass offers a choice between Amazon and Marks & Spencer e-vouchers in exchange for participation.

Community Features

Survey Diaries

inCompass offers occasional survey diary assignments which will come with an e-mail reminder. Simply log in to the website to complete the available days. If you are unable to participate in a diary assignment, you can choose to opt out and you'll simply be contacted the following week instead. Diary assignments are offered approximately quarterly and come with additional rewards.

Privacy Assurance

Ipsos MORI assures that the results of their research related to the program will only ever be published as fully anonymous data. Neither individuals, nor individual devices are identifiable in the research results. Your information will not be used to any purpose other than research and will not be shared with third parties.

Eligibility: UK residents only.

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May 3, 2021 by Greg from United Kingdom

I have been a member of the Incompass Media cell program for years.
The reward hasn't risen in all that time, £10 is worth a lot less than it was 5 years ago.

Brilliant survey company

July 26, 2020 by Peter from United Kingdom

Incompass / Medicell+ is another company I would totally recommend creating an account with them as they do brilliant interesting surveys about loads of different products or national surveys. If you are looking for a interesting product review range then this is another place to be.

Love this Site

December 30, 2019 by Helen from United Kingdom

I have both the monitoring app on my computer and smartphone and do the monthly TV surveys. They almost always pay monthly on time for the £10 for the monitoring apps and if there is ever any problems at their end they email you to let you know if there is going to be a delay in payment. With the TV surveys once completed which takes a couple of mins each day they will send you a thank you email and pay you the £5 about a week later in either Amazon or Marks and Spencers vouchers. Highly recommended site.