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Global Headquarter Services, 35, rue du Val de Marne Paris,   75013 FR
Tel: 08000 149464   Contact: [email protected]
Operated by: Ipsos


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Rewards are awarded monthly and are based on your participation during the previous month.

Ipsos Iris, the official source for Online Audience Measurement in the UK since January 2021, stands at the forefront of a transformative wave in market research. It is a research panel established by Ipsos in collaboration with the governing body for UK Online Measurement (UKOM), offering a comprehensive view of how individuals aged 12 and above in the United Kingdom engage with the internet.

Participation Made Simple

To participate in the program, simply follow the straightforward three-step process:

  • Check if You're Eligible: Answer a few questions to determine if you meet the criteria to be a part of the Ipsos Iris panel.
  • Install the Software: Successfully eligible participants download the Ipsos Iris app or software onto their smartphones, tablets, and computers.
  • Share Your Insights: Fill in a brief questionnaire, providing essential details about yourself, your household, and your internet activities.
Join Ipsos Iris 

Rewarding Your Engagement

Upon joining the Ipsos Iris panel, you will be asked to install the bespoke app or software on all devices you regularly use to access the internet. Ipsos securely collects data on how you use these devices. As a gesture of gratitude, Ipsos offers an enticing rewards program tailored for you.

Rewards Program Highlights:

  • A one-time joining bonus of 200 points is awarded after your first full qualifying month on the panel.
  • Monthly rewards range from 50 to 100 points, based on the number of devices providing data accurately.
  • Accumulated points can be redeemed for a vast array of products available on their dedicated website, sourced directly from partners like John Lewis and Argos.

These points can also be exchanged for vouchers usable in shopping, travel, restaurants, and other experiences. Moreover, you have the option to contribute your points to various charitable causes.

Joining Bonus

Once on the panel, receive a welcome of £20 worth of points and £5-£10 a month ongoing. Points can be redeemed for thousands of goods or gift vouchers from a wide variety of different retailers.

Join the Ipsos Iris Program 

Empowering You to Support Causes

Ipsos Iris panel members have demonstrated remarkable generosity by donating their reward points to support charities around the world. Top charities benefiting from these donations include Cancer Research, Dogs Trust, Alzheimer’s Society, NSPCC, and Help for Heroes. A total of over £2,000 has been donated to date..

In light of the ongoing Ukraine crisis, Ipsos Iris has included options for donating reward points to aid relief efforts in Ukraine through reputable organizations like the Red Cross and UNICEF.

Enhancing Your User Experience

By participating in the Ipsos Iris panel, you contribute to the official UK Online Audience Measurement Survey, providing valuable insights into internet usage across the UK. This, in turn, aids online platforms in tailoring their content and structure to better serve your needs and preferences.

The Ipsos Iris app and software run seamlessly in the background on your devices, ensuring a non-intrusive experience for you. Use your devices as you normally would, with the software discreetly collecting valuable information about your internet usage.

Prioritizing Your Data Security and Privacy

Ipsos prioritizes your data security, employing secure HTTPS connections for data transfer. The data collected is utilized solely for market research purposes, ensuring your anonymity and privacy. Ipsos does not capture personal details such as passwords or bank information, and it never sells personal data to third-party companies.

Join the Ipsos Iris Revolution

Participating in Ipsos Iris not only grants you access to valuable rewards but also empowers you to shape the digital landscape. By simply utilizing your devices as usual and allowing Ipsos to collect insights into your internet usage, you contribute to a more informed and engaging online world.

For those interested in joining the program and becoming a part of the Ipsos Iris panel, the process is accessible and rewarding. Ipsos Iris stands as a pioneering initiative, bridging the gap between your engagement and insightful market research in the dynamic digital age.

Eligibility: UK residents only.

Joining Bonus! Ipsos Iris UK is currently offering a £20 point sign up bonus to new members. » Click here to claim your bonus!

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