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C/O Blick Rothenberg Limited, 7-10 Chandos Street London,   W1G 9DQ GB
Tel:    Contact: [email protected]
Operated by: Measure Protocol


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1000 MSR points (worth $10) required to redeem for most gift card options.

Measure is a new mobile App-only service where users can gain greater control and monetize their data by completing data jobs such as participating in surveys, connecting to data sources, taking pictures of objects, or other tasks. Measure works with leading market research agencies and brands to bring data job offers to its users. Members are rewarded with MSR points which can be cashed out to e-gift cards directly from their device.

Measure is powered by blockchain and cryptography to provide guarantees around privacy, transparency and greater rewards for its users. Users build their profile by taking surveys, and all data is protected on-device and only shared when chosen to do so.

Members sign up by downloading the MSR iOS app (Android coming soon) which provides the best user experience, guarantees around privacy and fraud.

Payment and Rewards

Signing Up

The Measure MSR app is a mobile app available on iOS only (Android coming soon), where users can fill out profile surveys to help better target relevant surveys and data jobs. All provide data is securely stored on the users device.

New Member Bonus

New members who complete the signup process immediately receive 50 MSR points.

Earn Rewards for Taking Surveys and Data Jobs

Users earn points for completing surveys and data tasks. Surveys are typically 5-15 minutes long, and you will earn points even if you do not qualify for a survey. Other data jobs may be offered including collecting passive data and earning monthly or weekly rewards, or taking videos, pictures, submitting receipts, and other types of data tasks. After each data job, users can rate the quality of the job which is used to help us better optimize the type of jobs that people want.

Redeeming Your Rewards

Points are collected in your app wallet and can be redeemed for e-gift cards. Your wallet will include record of every transaction and redemption starts at $10 for most gift cards. Some of the e-gift cards include Amazon, GAP, Sephora, and VISA gift cards. Actual cards may vary by country.

Community Features


Each user will get a referral code and earn MSR points for each friend who downloads and completes the registration.

Survey Availability

Because Measure is mobile-only, as new surveys become available you will receive a mobile notification. Check back often to ensure you don’t miss any.

Great Support

Measure Protocol is a new and exciting company that prides itself in connecting with their community. If you ever have any issues, questions, ideas or suggestions, simply email them at [email protected].

Eligibility: Residents of the UK, USA and Canada, 18+

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