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Operated by: Beatgrid Media


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Automatically get paid to your Paypal account if you are a monthly sweepstakes winner. Earn digital gift cards for completion of surveys.

media rewards logoMedia Rewards App is a passive smartphone app which gives you the opportunity to earn cash prizes. Watch TV, YouTube, and listen to the radio on your phone to earn sweepstakes entries towards monthly cash prize draws.

How Media Rewards Works

how media rewards works

Download the App

The Media Rewards App is available on iOS and Android, and you can apply to use the app by entering your email address on the Media Rewards website (as there is a monthly limit to the number of new users recruited), or click the 'Join Now' buttons available here. If you’re approved to start using the app, you’ll be sent a link to download it.

Win Monthly Prizes

Once the app is downloaded, you don’t have to actively do anything, as it will work silently in the background of your phone. Earn points (which go towards prize draw entries) for every five seconds the app is turned on and active. According to the Media Rewards website, the app uses just 1% of battery per hour and less than 100kB of data per day.

Take Surveys for Gift Cards

Occasionally, you’ll be given an opportunity to fill out surveys within the Media Rewards app, although these opportunities won't be offered regularly. You’ll need to use the app for at least eight weeks before you'll be eligible to answer a survey. Survey topics are typically about media consumption habits.

If you are selected to fill out a survey, you will be rewarded with a gift card. Gift card options include Amazon, Best Buy, Macy's and more. The link to claim your gift card will be emailed to you shortly after you’ve finished filling out the survey.

Commitment to Privacy

Media Rewards takes your privacy very seriously. They use fully GDPR-compliant technology, and do not share any personally identifiable information about you. All data collection is performed securely, and your data sharing is fully anonymized. Data of all users is then aggregated to produce market research reports. Media Rewards will not use your personal information other than to communicate with you to invite you to surveys or for paying out rewards.

Download the Media Rewards App 

Payment and Rewards

Monthly Prize Draws with Verified Winners

$2000 in prizes is awarded to winners every month, with one prize of $1000, 5 prizes of $100 and 10 prizes of $50. Winners lists are published monthly and are kept up-to-date on the Media Rewards website.

All cash prize rewards are paid out via PayPal within 14 days of the winners being announced.

If you're selected for a survey, you will be e-mailed a link to a gift card. Otherwise, keeping the Media Rewards app installed on your device gives you the opportunity to win cash via the monthly sweepstakes.

Community Features

Referral Program

Media Rewards offers a referral program that can significantly boost your chances of winning a prize in the monthly sweepstakes. When you refer a friend to the Media Rewards App and they install it on their phone, you’ll be rewarded with a Points Accelerator. Essentially, this means that the number of points you earn per five seconds will be multiplied.

In addition, if your referral wins a reward in the monthly sweepstakes, you’ll be awarded with the same reward! Your unique referral link is available in your account.

Is Media Rewards Legit?

Media Rewards is not a scam and is a legitimate surveys app. In addition to the 10k+ user reviews on the Google Play and Apple stores which average 4.5+ stars, Media Rewards complies with GDPR and CCPA privacy laws. All data is collected securely and anonymously.

Eligibility: Residents of USA, Canada, UK, India, Australia and Mexico, 17+

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Not bad could be better

September 2, 2023 by Darrel from United States

I receive survey invites from time to time, but not often enough and you do not earn much in incentives on this website, I do enjoy the surveys they send, they could do better.

This is my update to previous review

September 20, 2023 by Blaze from Canada

I almost assumed that the grand prize is fake but I'm actually surprised to have received my $1000 this noon. So let me update my review.

For first time users SHOULD READ THIS CAREFULLY so you know what to expect.

(1) This app won't give you money for the points itself but if you gather enough points they will send you a survey that is worth $10. So how do you know you gather enough points? That is if you see that you are "Top 1%" in rankings.

(2) It will test your patience a bit because it takes months 'before you reach Top 1%.' This app keep taking away your points by the end of the month and resetting your progress before you even reach top 1 but Note that the app lets you at least keep some of the leftover of points you gathered last month and let me tell you, if you are patient, you will notice that the amount of leftover points you have are increasing each month and that's because those leftovers from each month actually gathers little by little so you may notice an improvement in your rankings each month (if you're 5% in march, then you're 4% in april and 3% in may) and that will go on until your leftover points is big enough for you to reach 'Top 1'.

(3) this app won't work properly while you're overseas. I know this because I went to other country for vacation and this app keep going inactive by itself and my rank and points suffered because I wasn't able to gather enough points.

(4) Once you reach 'Top 1%' you won't get a survey in first month that you are top 1%. You will get your survey 'by the end next month'. So you need to wait at least 1 month before you get your first survey.

(5) You won't get paypal for doing survey but other gift card such as amazon will be available to you but if you're the grandprize winner, the $1000 is paypal.

(6) Monthly Draw may sound suspicious but people really does win here. As you can see, I am the winner for a month of August in Canada (username is Jestyn) and it really surprised me. 7 days after announcement I received a link from them asking for my paypal email and some info which I filled up but note that you might need to wait weeks or even month before you receive your reward (in my case I had to wait for a month and it really test my patience). So do email the support staff to let them know about your issue if it happens to you because it might take longer for you to receive your reward.

Overall, I hope that this review helped you. I might be very frank but I'm actually very pleased with this app! It is really legit but there still some room for improvement (I almost ditch this app's $1000 as fake because it took 1 month for me to receive my paypal and the staff are taking so long to respond.) I wish I can upload some photos for some proofs though that I really won.

-The app pays $10 if you get a survey.
-The $1000 grandprize is real.

-It took one month for me to get my $1000, it was a real waiting game.
-customer service needs improvements, it will take time for them to respond to your query and they do fall silent from time to time. I had to pester them a bit.