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Nielsen Digital Voice General Information

Nielsen Digital Voice
Nielsen has been a trusted global research leader for over 90 years. Nielsen Digital Voice is a research project that is measuring what the habits, behaviors and interests are of people that surf the internet. Help change the future of the internet by joining this panel!

How to Sign Up

  • Start by filling out a short questionnaire
  • Download the Nielsen Digital Voice application on your PC or mobile phone. The installation only takes a few minutes.
  • Surf the web normally! Whether that means surfing social media, playing games or reading the news. The Nielsen Digital Voice application runs smoothly and silently in the background.
  • You are now eligible to win the cash sweepstakes available each month!

Sweepstakes Opportunities!
Download and install the Nielsen Digital Voice app and earn sweepstakes entries which are for the $10,000 monthly draw. $120,000 is awarded annually to lucky members. Each and every month there are over 400 winners and winnings can range from $25 - $1000.

Complete Surveys and Receive More Entries
Members of Nielsen Digital Voice may be asked to complete surveys periodically. If you are invited and complete the surveys you will be granted extra entries into the sweepstakes to win lucrative cash rewards!

Privacy of Information
Members who have downloaded the Nielsen Digital Voice application are guaranteed the highest level of privacy. The app is 100% safe and secure and your information will never be shared of revealed. Information collected is reported in aggregate data about groups, so singular members are never identified.

A+ BBB Rating
Nielsen has been an accredited Better Business Bureau company since 1946. They hold an A+ BBB rating which means they perform their business practices at the highest level of strictness and security.

Residents from the following countries may join this panel: USA, Germany, Brazil, China, Switzerland, Australia, New Zealand, France, Italy and The United Kingdom.

"Don't Bother!"
February 25, 2017 by Sharon from United States

I've been signed up with NDV for a few YEARS. I have never qualified for a survey with them but, of course, the reward was 1 entry in the sweepstakes for each time I didn't qualify for a survey. I've gotten up to 10 entries and still no luck and no qualifications for surveys.

I'm deleting them from my system since they are not worth clogging my mailbox and my computer space.

2/24/2017 - I'm updating this review. I am still signed up because I have this "ya never know" attitude but still have never won and only get emails once or twice a month with the codes for the sweepstakes. This time I definitely am going to unsubscribe as soon as this month is over.

"My experience with Nielsen Digital Voice"
October 16, 2016 by Patricia from United States

I gave Nielsen Digital Voice a moderate rating because I have only been using it since 10/04/16. You have to wait 14 days to receive credit for the installation and 35 days for chances to win in the sweepstakes. Supposedly I will be entered twice per month for surfing the internet. And 400 winners per month will share a part of a $10,000 prize. I am not real sure of any other rewards. As I have mentioned in other reviews, I prefer to receive a monthly cash/giftcard stipend for letting them monitor my internet use. If I were to win a monetary prize in the sweeps, then I guess it would be worth it. Another one that only time will tell about. Almost forgot to mention that I installed it on my laptop with an extension on Chrome.

"Great application "
April 05, 2016 by Denise from United States

I have had this app for years and on different mobile phones and it runs quietly and doesn't drain the battery. The app runs and you get rewards for great prizes. I don't even know it's on.

"Good Site"
July 05, 2014 by Sheila from United States

Good surveys, though another one that doesn't seem to have much for seniors.

"Nielsen DiIgital Voice "
April 07, 2014 by Retha from United States

I have gotten very few surveys that I qualified for but those payed well, it's almost so long to get the money that you forget what it was for so write it on your calendar. I have found the browser plugin to be non intrusive and the only times I really noticed it was when the plugin crashed in Chrome, Flash was crashing too and I found no problem with either after I had reinstalled the OS for other reasons, so it was me, not them.
Most of what I have done is click on the entry link for the drawing every week. I have won $10 a few times and once, $100. If you win, they send a letter you have to sign and mail back, then a few weeks later you get the check. I have invested very little time in it, but I may not be their target demographic. I would prefer they did the money electronically so it would be faster.




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