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23475 Rock Haven Way, # 265, Dulles, VA   20166 US
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Operated by: Global Wireless Solutions


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With £5.00 worth of perks in the UK, or 5,000 perks ($5.00 in the USA) in your wallet, you may exchange your Perks for your choice of gift card.

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OneMeasure Perks is an Android app that rewards you with gift cards for sharing data about your mobile phone usage. It provides a passive way for you to earn rewards, simply by keeping the app installed on your mobile device.

Earn Perks!

With OneMeasure Perks, you can earn perks daily for doing nothing; take a survey and earn even more. It’s so simple – download, fill out a few questions, give permissions, and then start earning perks. Open or closed, as long as the app is running on your phone – you’re earning perks. You get 5 USD worth of voucher after 1 month of keeping the app running.

Grant the app permissions to collect data about your app usage and mobile network performance to passively earn rewards. The app only collects non-sensitive information, such as your usage statistics and demographic data. Earn approximately £0.16 per day in the UK or 160 perks in the USA, simply by letting the app run in the background.

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Earning Perks: Paid Surveys

OneMeasure Perks offers you an additional earning opportunity through paid surveys, though these paid surveys are infrequent. To participate in a survey, you must first qualify, and the rewards for completed surveys typically range from $0.40 to $0.50 per completion.

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Daily Perks

Perks are added to your account every day as long as the app remains active on your smartphone and is used for your regular daily tasks with an internet connection. If your smartphone remains disconnected from the internet for an extended period, such as being powered off or in airplane mode, the accumulation of perks may be temporarily paused until a data connection is re-established.

How Much Perks are Worth

  • UK Users: Perks are measured in British Pounds. You can earn £0.16 in perks every day by simply having the OneMeasure Perks app up and running on your active smartphone.
  • USA Users: 1,000 perks equals $1.00. By just keeping the OneMeasure Perks app active on your smartphone, you'll be pocketing 160 perks daily, which adds up to $0.16.

Redeeming Rewards

Redeem your accumulated rewards once you've reached a minimum of £5 in the UK or 5,000 perks in the US. Gift card options for redemption include Amazon and Tesco gift cards, as well as many others.

  • UK Users: With £5.00 worth of perks in your wallet, you'll be able to exchange them for a gift card of your choice. Simply head to the "Rewards" section within the app, select "Redeem," and then pick your preferred gift card from the dropdown menu. If you're curious about your past redemptions, you can always click on "Redeem Transactions" to check your history.
  • USA Users: With 5,000 perks in your wallet (equal to $5.00), redeem your perks for a gift card of your choice. To do so, simply go to the Rewards tab, select Redeem, and then choose your gift card from the drop down menu. Click on Redeem Transactions to see your redemption history.
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Android Only

Currently, OneMeasure Perks is only available for Android users. However, the app's website indicates that an iOS version may be released in the near future.

Referral Program

OneMeasure Perks offers a referral program where you can earn a £2 bonus for every referral made (up to a maximum of 20 referrals). Grab your unique referral link directly from within the app.

Eligibility: Android users from the USA and UK.

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