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Automatically receive a PayPal payment when your account reaches a $10 payable balance.

Opinions 4 Good also known as "Op4G" is a philanthropic survey panel that allows its members to perform online surveys for a cause. It was founded in 2010 and has a mission to raise funds for non-profit organizations in an innovative way.

Choose from a Large Variety of Charities

There are over 380 non-profit organizations signed up with Opinions 4 Good. You can change your selected non-profit organization at any time! Support small charities, or give your earnings to big name non-profits. The choice is all yours. There's been over $480,000 donated to non-profits to date!

How to Join

To become an Opinions4Good member, simply contact the non-profit you wish to support and ask for an invitation to join. When you sign up, you will be asked to create your Opinions4Good account and complete a demographic profile, which should take less than 10 minutes. Once complete, you'll receive a confirmation email from Opinions4Good.

Keep a Portion, Donate a Portion

Each time you complete a survey with Opinions 4 Good you get to choose how much you could like to donate (100%, 75%, 50% or 25%) and the amount you would like to keep for yourself. The average payout for a survey is $3.65. If 100 members complete 2 surveys a month, non-profits can collect $730!

Receive Automatic PayPal Payments

If you decide to save some earnings for yourself, you will automatically be issued a PayPal payment if you have $10 or more in your account during the monthly payment schedule. If you haven't reached the $10 payment minimum during a pay period, your earnings will simply roll over into the next period.

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Eligibility: Open to residents in the United States, Canada and United Kingdom, 13+

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Not one of their surveys works - and the Support ticket is broken too

July 8, 2020 by Joan from United States

I've been trying for almost a year with this site, but none of them work. Most of the time I get an error message with the instructions to report it to Support, but then the Support form for reporting problems doesn't work and throws an error message too. On the rare occasion I do get a real survey page, I get screened out in the pre-survey, for which you get nothing. The whole thing is so badly designed (no profile to prescreen you like Prolific, all the broken links) and you'll never get to the point where you can cash out.

Gotten better!

May 1, 2020 by Judi from United States

They are now doing much better with surveys and are faster in answering emails! I would recommend this site now as they have greatly improved!

Love this site!

November 6, 2019 by Beth from United States

I absolutely love OP4G. The surveys are super easy with most of them having good DOLLAR amounts, not a measly few pennies. Doing quick and easy surveys from this site had allowed me to earn extra money each month for my household. This site is true and pays on time every time. I would highly recommend joining this site and earning yourself a little extra money also.

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Opinions4Good responded to this review on November 6, 2019

Hey Beth!

Thanks for the very kind words! We strive to pay our panelists fair amounts for the time they spend taking surveys. We value your time, and know that there are many competing platforms out there. We're really glad that you've enjoyed your time as an Opinions4Good panelist!

Thanks for making our panel great.

Ryan | Membership Communications Specialist
[email protected]
Great survey site!

July 3, 2019 by Debbie from United States

I'm not sure why so many reviews on here are bad, as I have never had any issues taking surveys with Opinions4Good. I have been a member since 2018, and over the last year I have noticed continued improvements with their surveys. It's easy to determine if you will qualify for the surveys, and once you reach a minimum of $10 you can be paid. They also pay directly through PayPal which is nice, not through reward points like other survey sites.

Opinions4Good  reply logo

Opinions4Good responded to this review on September 25, 2019


Thank you for the kind words! We strive to make our platform easy-to-use and accurate in delivering surveys that may interest or be relevant to our panelists. Thanks for being a part of Opinions4Good!

Ryan B.
Membership Communications Specialist @ Opinions4Good
[email protected]
Promblematic Site

August 14, 2018 by Seraphia from United States

I have been a member of this site for a couple years now and until recently, when they decided to merge with another, I have never had any issues with them. Now, I go to sign in and I'm told my information is not correct. I change my password, and then go to sign in a couple days later and my password once again does not work. It is annoying and frustrating to go through this every single time, and then to be told with half the surveys I attempt that the survey is "on hold" and to "try again later." There is no "later." Because they don't every put the survey back. This site USED to be good, but now it has literally become a waste of time.

Opinions4Good  reply logo

Opinions4Good responded to this review on September 25, 2019

Hi Seraphia,

I'm sorry to hear about your negative experience. We have made updates to our system to ensure that our panelists experience less "on hold" surveys in their dashboard. This may occur if the survey has not been attempted in more than a week since it was opened to panelists. "On hold" usually refers to the stage of the survey where clients are reviewing the collected data.

We welcome you to return to Opinions4Good and see if your user experience is better! Don't hesitate to contact [email protected] tickets are usually responded to in under 24 hours.

As always, we welcome feedback. Stay tuned for a Member Satisfaction Survey in your inbox in October! This will help us make our panelist experience even better.

Warmest regards,
Ryan B.
Membership Communications Specialist @ Opinions4Good
[email protected]