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Tel: 603-766-5858   Contact: [email protected]
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Automatically receive a PayPal payment when your account reaches a $10 payable balance.

Opinions 4 Good also known as "Op4G" is a philanthropic survey panel that allows its members to perform online surveys for a cause. It was founded in 2010 and has a mission to raise funds for non-profit organizations in an innovative way.

Choose from a Large Variety of Charities

There are over 380 non-profit organizations signed up with Opinions 4 Good. You can change your selected non-profit organization at any time! Support small charities, or give your earnings to big name non-profits. The choice is all yours. There's been over $480,000 donated to non-profits to date!

How to Join

To become an Opinions4Good member, simply contact the non-profit you wish to support and ask for an invitation to join. When you sign up, you will be asked to create your Opinions4Good account and complete a demographic profile, which should take less than 10 minutes. Once complete, you'll receive a confirmation email from Opinions4Good.

Keep a Portion, Donate a Portion

Each time you complete a survey with Opinions 4 Good you get to choose how much you could like to donate (100%, 75%, 50% or 25%) and the amount you would like to keep for yourself. The average payout for a survey is $3.65. If 100 members complete 2 surveys a month, non-profits can collect $730!

Receive Automatic PayPal Payments

If you decide to save some earnings for yourself, you will automatically be issued a PayPal payment if you have $10 or more in your account during the monthly payment schedule. If you haven't reached the $10 payment minimum during a pay period, your earnings will simply roll over into the next period.

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Follow Opinions 4 Good on Facebook to stay up to date on the newest and hottest available survey opportunities!

Eligibility: Open to residents in the United States, Canada and United Kingdom, 13+

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Think They Closed Down?

February 9, 2022 by matthew from United States

Well, been a member for four years and the surveys are interesting and I was paid a few times. Things changed October/November 2021 - I stopped getting surveys and had a $18.50 that was due to be paid out January 1st. Jan 1st came and then Feb 1st - no payment. I reached out to support and did not receive a reply after a week BUT I did receive my payment with a memo "your reward balance has been paid and the account closed". Weird. I did go to the site and there is no longer a working link to sign in. also weird. Anyhoo - just wanted to let peeps know that they might be closing down or merging - who knows. No explanation why my account was closed or why it took 4 months to get paid. That's too bad because the premise was a good one - part of your compensation was contributing to a charity. Proceed at your own risk - lot of other good paying panels out there if you want to participate.

Used to be good

January 13, 2022 by Tanya from United States

I have become unhappy with Opinions4Good in the last year. You have to have 10 dollars for them to send you your balance, which they do at the beginning of every month. I am stuck at 7.00 and have been there for over a year. I am done. Many surveys are halfway done, according to their meter, and I have given out a lot of information when they suddenly say I don't qualify. Sometimes after I do the thing to verify I am human, they tell me I am not. They have rejected 4 high paying surveys in the last 2 years...no explanation given. Customer service consists of a canned response. Often when. I try to take a survey there are technical problems...a multi answer question will only let me choose one response,, for instance. I would not recommend them. Probably you can get your first 10 dollars but after that the honeymoon is over and they grab all the free info from you that they can. Just my opinion (which apparently isn't worth paying for) and experience.

Save your time

December 19, 2021 by Barry from United States

Half the surveys I try I am thrown out for 'fraud' without answering a single question. A quarter I never get to finish as I am thrown out. Of the quarter I finish a half are rejected with no explanation. That means I get paid for one eighth of the surveys.
Customer service is a complete joke. They give me a canned answer with many possibilities why I am committing 'fraud' without answering a single question and will not even tell me the problem much less fix the problem. If I am committing 'fraud' why do they continue to send me surveys?
I have answered surveys for many companies over the years and no one has ever accused me of fraud.
Save your time and sanity. They are not worth it.

Proceed with Caution

December 10, 2021 by Jason from United States

This panel is very sneaky and will do whatever it takes to hold your payment or not even pay you, they will think of every possible excuse to hold your payment or accuse you of something you never did wrong by putting some bogus security screen and blocking you from all future studies. These guys love to reverse studies with no reason given, I have had over $60+ worth of studies in "Pending" status where all of them were denied. There is no way so many clients denied the studies. Later I never got any payment and were on purpose holding up crediting my studies so they never credit my balance, at the end they put up some bogus security screen saying you are robot or something. When you reach $10 it takes over 2 months for them to pay you if your lucky they do not come up with an excuse they can think of not paying you. I have been doing surveys for over 10+ years and this is one truly sneaky company everyone should stay far far away.

Great survey site

December 8, 2020 by Mary from United States

I love this site! They pay really well and they have good customer service. The only downside is that they only pay once a month, but once you get started it's fine.