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"virues found"
October 14, 2014 by Brenda from Canada

I tried to download and my security found 8 viruses. Please a use caution. I would stay away from this site.

"Slow but Steady"
August 25, 2014 by Dennis from United States

Originally I got a decent amount of small surveys from them. I frequently qualified and if I do not, I get compensated about 8 cents for trying. Than the rules changed and you had to do offers for 50% of the reward and it became impossible to make money on the site.

"Not much about it..."
February 28, 2014 by Sharon from United States

Well, I signed up months ago, but I didn't want to use the software, just to give them free research. So, if you really like filling out surveys for the hell of it, try them. I get a few per week, screen out half the time, but even when I screen out I get an entry in the contest. That is the only reason they get half a star. The surveys are super hard or long, just kind of boring and there are other people who value my opinion enough to throw me a couple bucks so I'm going to spend my time with those companies instead of filling out surveys in hopes of a unlikely lottery win. Sorry.

"Crappy Software"
October 20, 2013 by Arcadio from United States

I haven't been a member of this site long enough to see if I would win anything but the software is so bad it will slow down your computer. After I uninstalled their software my computer ran a normal speed again. Do NOT install if you want your computer to run like a computer from the stone age.

"Don't bother"
July 02, 2013 by Robert from United Kingdom

I installed a stupid monitor on my computer and all they offer is prize draws. I gave it a few months then thought better of it and removed it.

They offer £30,000 apparently but probably more chance of winning the lottery!




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