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PermissionResearch General Information

Over 2 million people around the world are a part of the PermissionResearch community. PermissionResearch is part of ComScore Inc., a large market research company which was founded back in 1936. The goal of the PermissionResearch project is to understand the patterns and trends that exist when individuals surf the internet. A better understanding of how people use the internet serves the ultimate purpose of helping companies make guided future business decisions on the web.

Identifying TV Trends
PermissionResearch also has the goal of measuring how people watch TV. They are collecting data on what shows are watched, recorded and how on-demand programming is used. This ongoing research project will also be used to better enhance the understanding of TV viewing habits.

How to Become a Member!
If you would like to become a member of PermissionResearch you must begin by filling out a registration form, then you will be asked to download a special type of software that will be used to track your habits while you surf the internet. The software will not interfere with any of your surfing, and will run silently in the background. If you would like to participate in the TV tracking research project, you will be guided on how that can be set up.

Member Perks

  • Trees for Knowledge: PermissionResearch has partnered with a non-profit organization known as Trees for the Future. Trees for the Future has been helping thousands of communities in Central America, Africa and Asia by planning nearly 65 million trees since 1989. Trees for the Future plants a tree for each new person who joins the PermissionResearch community. Help make a difference in the future of our environment by signing up!
  • Monthly Sweepstakes: As a reward for members, each month one lucky panelist will receive $100. There are also other draws for bigger cash prizes of $2500, $5000 and even $100,000! Earn extra sweepstakes entries when you refer friends or family to the panel.
  • Free Software: PermissionResearch members also receive free software such as file protection, screensavers, games and online privacy tools!

Take Surveys Sometimes!
Periodically members may be asked to complete special surveys about their internet or TV usage habits. These surveys may be rewarded with a cash or gift card for your participation. The reward will be outlined in the survey invitation.

Privacy Concerns
PermissionResearch ensures that the software used to record internet usage patterns does not reveal your identity, as it collects data in aggregate form. This panel has a strict privacy policy set in place and has an A+ BBB accreditation.

Eligibility: International members accepted, 18+

"Privacy concerns and lack of rewards"
November 01, 2016 by Steve from United Kingdom

I initially signed up due to a promotion elsewhere (probably on SwagBucks) but decided not to download the mandatory monitoring software because of concerns about exactly what was being monitored.

The privacy policy does give vague guidance on what may be monitored, but I didn't feel comfortable installing something that didn't specifically detail what I'd be providing. The company's reassurances about privacy concerns seem genuine, but I just don't want to take the risk e.g. their software may well be fine, but what if this gets hijacked by someone with malicious intent? They then have a ready-made vehicle for sending your personal data anywhere they like (due to permissions you granted to the PR software). It's just not a risk I want to take.

The rewards are pretty unexciting too, with prize draw entries and a suggestion that surveys *may* be paid - even the blurb is somewhat lukewarm about this i.e. "Take Surveys Sometimes!". The Trees for Knowledge tree-planting programme seems to be well-meaning, but I don't this is a good reason for signing up.

But the clincher for me were the disclaimers that basically say that they won't be held responsible if anything goes wrong; here's an extract: "UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES WILL OUR COMPANY, ITS SERVICE PROVIDERS OR AFFILIATES BE LIABLE FOR ANY DIRECT, INDIRECT, INCIDENTAL, SPECIAL OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES THAT RESULT FROM THE USE OF, OR INABILITY TO USE, THE PROGRAM, EVEN IF WE HAVE BEEN ADVISED OF THE POSSIBILITY OF SUCH DAMAGES RESULTING IN ANY WAY FROM THIS PROGRAM.". You can find the disclaimers near the bottom of this page: https://www.permissionresearch.com/privacy.aspx

Enough said...

"virues found"
October 14, 2014 by Brenda from Canada

I tried to download and my security found 8 viruses. Please a use caution. I would stay away from this site.

"Slow but Steady"
August 25, 2014 by Dennis from United States

Originally I got a decent amount of small surveys from them. I frequently qualified and if I do not, I get compensated about 8 cents for trying. Than the rules changed and you had to do offers for 50% of the reward and it became impossible to make money on the site.

"Not much about it..."
February 28, 2014 by Sharon from United States

Well, I signed up months ago, but I didn't want to use the software, just to give them free research. So, if you really like filling out surveys for the hell of it, try them. I get a few per week, screen out half the time, but even when I screen out I get an entry in the contest. That is the only reason they get half a star. The surveys are super hard or long, just kind of boring and there are other people who value my opinion enough to throw me a couple bucks so I'm going to spend my time with those companies instead of filling out surveys in hopes of a unlikely lottery win. Sorry.

"Crappy Software"
October 20, 2013 by Arcadio from United States

I haven't been a member of this site long enough to see if I would win anything but the software is so bad it will slow down your computer. After I uninstalled their software my computer ran a normal speed again. Do NOT install if you want your computer to run like a computer from the stone age.




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