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$0.15 is donated to charity partners for each survey completed.
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SaySo for Good General Information

SaySo for Good
Do more with your opinion. Help non-profit organizations change the world by volunteering your opinion in easy online surveys. It's free for you and earns dollars for charity. Join today and support your favorite charity every time you SaySo.

GPT Websites
SaySo surveys are typically offered through GPT (Get-Paid-To) sites and other rewards websites who provide incentives for taking third party surveys. You will receive whatever compensation the website offering Sayso surveys is providing (cash, points, etc).

Fighting Hunger Worldwide
SaySo for Good works with both the United Nations – World Food Programme and Action Against Hunger. Both of these organizations fight malnutrition on a global level by providing meals and other assistance to third world countries.

Complete One Survey = Give One Meal
For each survey completed by panelists $0.15 is donated to the charity partners. Although it sounds like a small donation amount, the total amount adds up quickly with tens of thousands of people doing surveys through SaySo! In addition to feeding the hungry, you will also get a reward for your time spent. It’s a win-win situation!

Survey Details
Surveys usually take 5 – 15 minutes to complete. They are meant to be easy and simple for panelists. Have fun while giving back!

Eligibility: Canada, United States. United Kingdom, Australia, France and Germany

"Worst one yet"
September 03, 2016 by Steve from Canada

Every time I fill out a survey for them it either disqualifies me immediately before answering a single question or it lets me get through most of the survey and then disqualifies me. Its pretty dirty taking all those answers and then disqualifying with no reward.

"Disqualifies at last question"
September 01, 2016 by Tara from United States

Every survey I've attempted to complete through them has brought me through the entire survey, then at the very end, where the classification questions (for classification purposes only on all other survey sites I've taken surveys on) are completed, it's disqualified me on the last classification question! Complete waste of time!

"One of the Worst"
August 26, 2016 by Jameson from United States

If you see this site in one of your redirects you might as well just close the window don't waste your time trying to do surveys on this site. I have been doing surveys for a very long time and know how they work. I can almost guarantee you this company is being a little dishonest and hope they get investigated. I highly doubt they do anything for charity. Its probably just an excuse to make you not complain. Don't take my word for it though. Go try this site through some of your favorite survey sites yourself.

"it always say that you don't qualify for the survey"
April 12, 2016 by vera from United States

I bumped into Sayso for good on"Grap points" app and every time I open any survey it says that I don't qualify for the review, even after I answered many questions. What kind of survey site is that ?

"Disappointed "
March 28, 2016 by Sammy from United States

I am extremely disappointed in this survey taking website. I go to their website through another provider named Prizerebel. I have always provided quality answers, and have never deviated from my normal responses, as I have no reason to lie about something as trivial as a question on a survey. I understand that I can't get every survey from them, but the only ones I have ever been able to do are the lower paying opinion surveys. Every time I get the chance to take a higher paying survey I never even get a chance to input any information. I am automatically taken to the "finish" page. I want to get more of the higher paying surveys, and I think it is absolutely ridiculous that I cannot. I have had surveys from multiple sites not allow me to continue, or won't even give me a chance at qualifying for the survey. It is quite aggravating. I am a 32 year old white guy with American Indian ancestory as well. I own my own business and I make a decent living but am still considered middle class. I am THE target demographic for almost all categories, and yet I hardly ever get the higher paying surveys. I am really getting tired of this.




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