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Socratic Forum is currently not recruiting any new members; their "join now" link points to a website maintenance page which has been displaying for months.
"Diminished Reputation"
January 20, 2015 by daphne from United States

Showed me a copy of a $10 check I never received. Asked them about the signature on the back and received no response. Not wasting my time with a company I used to like!

September 19, 2013 by ALVIN from Kenya

I love this

"No surveys"
August 25, 2013 by Robert from United Kingdom

Signed up in July 2012 and have never received 1 survey from them.

Can't see the point if you are in the UK like myself.

"Just cashed out after 2 years"
April 29, 2012 by Anthony from United States

Well after trying them out for two years(I joined in 2010).I just got a whole $15 in amazon cash!
Wow is that lame.I guess it's time to quit.
Avoid them unless you want to be hope to wait a whole decade to get $25.

"Decent Company"
February 26, 2012 by Lisa from United States

I qualify for about half of the surveys they send me. I agree they should send more... I'm sad they send checks still. Pay Pal is so much easier and quicker. But they do pay eventually and I believe they are legit and honest.

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