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$5.00 minimum for redemption of check, Amazon e-voucher or charity donation.

Socratic Forum General Information

Socratic Forum
The Socratic Forum is a dynamic survey panel that collects opinions to influence the business decision-makers of tomorrow. As a panel member, your insights and experiences will be used to shape new areas of development and influence the evolution of products and services. Your participation on the Socratic Forum panel is also always 100% voluntary.

Survey Details
Once you are a registered member of the Socratic Forum, you will be sent new survey invitations by email on average basis of 2-3 times per month. Some surveys may be very short, taking only about 5 minutes to complete, while others may take 20 to 25 minutes to finish. The longer the survey, the more rewards will be attached for its completion as your time is very valuable!

Buy Rewards with Cash Paid Surveys!
In exchange for sharing your opinions, members will receive cash, online gift certificates or sweepstakes entries. If surveys are paying a cash reward, they will usually pay in the range of $2 – $10 per survey. Once you have accumulated a $5 minimum in your account you may request cash in check form (checks may take up to 2-3 months to receive), Amazon e-voucher or donation towards a charity.

Sweepstakes Entries
Some surveys offers sweepstakes entries, instead of cash. The prizes can come in the form of: gift certificates, cash prizes or the hottest electronic merchandise. The longer the survey the more entries you will receive!

“Prizes and Winners” Page
A nice feature on the Socratic website is the “Prizes and Winners” page which shows the breakdown of how much was given out in survey cash earnings and how many surveys were offered that month.

Privacy of Information
All surveys conducted with the Socratic Forum are for research purposes only. Your information will never be sold to a third party and will always be viewed in aggregate form along with hundreds of other answers. Your privacy and identity will always be protected.

Socratic Forum is currently not recruiting any new members; their "join now" link points to a website maintenance page which has been displaying for months. When registration opens back up, international members are accepted, 18+

"Don't waste your time!"
August 22, 2017 by Rebecca from United States

If there was 0 stars, this would be it. I have tried for weeks to contact Socratic Forum because when I tried to check my rewards account the site said my email and password was unknown. I have been a member there for more than 6 years!! They have not responded to any of my 5 emails and online contacts nor my Facebook inquiry. I am still receiving survey invitations although they say I am not a member. I estimate they owe me at least $15. Too bad, they used to be an honest survey site. Now they are just a ripoff.

"Not right...."
August 15, 2017 by Summer from United States

I forgot my password and went to reset it to redeem points after saving up from many surveys and the security question is "What's your favorite food?". Not only is that a vague security question, I really don't recall ever setting that up or being instructed to. I emailed multiple times with no response. IMPORTANT TO TAKE NOTE OF: The phone number listed on The Socratic Forum (the same one listed on Survey Police) is NOT IN SERVICE. I wonder why.

July 28, 2017 by Pat from United States

Completed 2 surveys and have not received the "compensation units" to cash out for gift card. Customer service contacted twice and no response. In the past never a problem getting credit for surveys or cashing out. I really liked this survey site but now wondering if they are unfortunately becoming like so many others.

"very few surveys"
May 26, 2017 by Joseph from United States

They send out very few surveys but have a low redemption requirement.

"Diminished Reputation"
January 20, 2015 by daphne from United States

Showed me a copy of a $10 check I never received. Asked them about the signature on the back and received no response. Not wasting my time with a company I used to like!




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