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Vrindavan Tech Village, Building 2A , Ground Floor, East Tower Sarjapura Outer Ring Road India
Tel: +91 80 41785814  Contact: info@borderlessaccess.com
Operated by: Borderless Access Panels Pvt. Ltd.

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Rewards Offered
Green checkboxCash paid via PayPal
Green checkboxAmazon gift cards
Green checkboxRetail e-vouchers
Green checkboxSweepstakes entries
Member Opportunities
Green checkboxOnline surveys
Green checkboxMobile app
Redemption Info
3000 point minimum account balance required for reward redemption
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The Panel Station General Information

The Panel Station

Earn reward points for each survey you complete
For every online survey you complete, you will earn between 100-5000 points, depending on the survey's length and complexity.

Earn points, even when disqualified
If you get disqualified or screened-out of a survey, you will automatically be credited 20 points to your account, just for trying.

Exchange your points for e-gift certificates
The Panel Station offers a wide variety of e-gift certificate options. When you have earned 3000 points, you can exchange your balance for a e-gift card. Retailers vary per region, but include: PayPal, Amazon, Rakuten, Submarino, Jumia, Linio, Flipkart, Lazada, and more.

Monthly prize draws
For every country (ex. India, South Africa, etc.), The Panel Station offers a monthly prize draw. Get a ticket into the draw by exchanging anywhere from 300-500 points (depending on your region) or take special surveys for sweepstakes entries, and you could be the lucky winner of cash, great gift vouchers, and more. Many draws have more than one winner.

Point values
500 points equals approximately RS 50, so 3000 points (the minimum amount required in order to cashout) equals RS 300. In countries outside India, 3000 points equals roughly $6.50 AUD, 60 Rand, 200 Philippine Pesos, etc.

Survey lengths and frequency
Most online surveys take approximately 12-15 minutes to complete and are straightforward to answer. Surveys that are more complicated or are longer will typically offer more points for completion. You will typically receive somewhere around 2 survey invitations per week.

Earn bonus points
Earn even more points by updating your profile and taking the special profile surveys, as well as by participating in discussion threads. Completing profile surveys not only awards points, but is a good way to ensure that you'll be matched with the best fitting surveys.

Mobile app
Take surveys on your smartphone using The Panel Station's mobile app. Available for download on Android and Apple devices.

Eligibility: open to residents of: India, Brazil, Russia, China, Mexico, Argentina, South Africa, Indonesia, Turkey, Philippines, Poland, South Korea, Taiwan, Chile, Nigeria, New Zealand, Colombia, Australia, Singapore, KSA, UAE and Thailand.

"User friendly "
December 03, 2016 by Adaeze from Nigeria

They remain the very best with regards to interaction with customers.

"Safe panel"
November 08, 2016 by Rosalin from India

Its a safe n secure survey panel. Rewards are perfect. Perfect no. Of survey opportunity

October 28, 2016 by Quentin Xavier from South Africa

I'm sick and tired of writing to ThePanelStation and getting a computer-generated reply, that answers NOTHING I ask them!! Let me explain; I joined them and was happily completing surveys for months. Suddenly one day, I get a pop-up message that says something to the effect of:"ERROR WITH BORDERLESSACCESSSURVEYCONTROL". I sent various requests to various correspondence addresses, which were MOSTLY responded to by a system-generated reply, with some lame excuse/reason for not giving me access to the surveys. They even wrote back, saying to supply them with the survey-ID's (which I also did several times). Then I wrote to the Surveypolice and told ThePanelStation that they need to repair the fault and redeem me for past surveys, then unsubscribe me from their list. Suddenly, for about a month, I was granted access again. Now, for a second time, I can't access their surveys. This time the Pop-up message simply says "Error". Again I have requested assistance a few times, after which I just gave up. Now, I simply delete their surveys, in the hope that they will MAYBE re-connect me again some time in the future.
NOT HAPPY STILL no replies! It's been a month now and STILL NO REPLY or aid in this regard!

"More trouble than they are worth"
August 23, 2016 by Matthew from New Zealand

UPDATE: They finally paid me the outstanding balance so I have given then a couple of extra stars.

The title says it all really.

I have been a member for about 6 months and have only claimed 10USD to date. It started ok but then when I neared the 3000 points needed to redeem I received fewer and fewer emails. When I did there was a 90% chance I would be screened out within the first few questions or there would be an error and it would be cancelled. The worst is when you fully complete a long survey and then you are screened out. Tough luck, no soup for you.

So the final straw was a few weeks ago when I decided that TPS were not worth my time. I went claim my final reward and then a week later my account was terminated out of the blue.

This was irritating so I made an appeal where all I get are cut and paste responses every... single... time. Trying to talk to an actual human being is impossible. The result of this is they refuse to reinstate my account or pay me what I am owed. I refute their claims and all I get is the very same cut and paste response.

Forget these clowns. They will cheat you and then stick their fingers in their ears. Completely unreasonable.

I have had much success with Opinion World and Valued Opinions. Sure they may not be perfect but a human being will read your email and try to help if there is an issue. They at least can be reasoned with, The Panel Station cannot.

"Totally irresponsible & fake "
August 17, 2016 by Payal from India

Hi All,

I would like to inform you all not to register your self with "The panel station" one of the most fake & irresponsible panel. I have such a bad experience with the panel.. I redeemed my 3000 points for Paytm reward. My email id & Paytm verified number is same as registered with the panel & they are saying that they have credit the redeemed amount into Paytm wallet but they are such liars.. They did not credit anything even can provide screenshot of my account. Shame on you for making us fool. We provide you our best experiences & knowledge but you are making us fool....@ The Panel Station Shame on you.......




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