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149 5th Ave, 9th floor, New York, New York  10010 US
Tel:    Contact: https://www.joinupvoice.com/contact
Operated by: BrandTotal Ltd.


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Redeem your rewards when your account balance reaches 600 tokens ($10 USD).

UpVoice permanently closed on June 29, 2022.

UpVoice research community is run by BrandTotal Ltd - a market research firm specializing in providing unique advertising related insights and analyses for brands.

How the UpVoice App Works

Apply to become an UpVoice panelist and if accepted, you will receive a link to install the UpVoice application, which is available as an app for Windows 10 PC or as an extension for the Edge browser. Install just one version of the app to get started.

Browse through Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Amazon, as you normally do. Data will be anonymously collected about the ads you see, and you'll earn tokens for your efforts. As well, you may periodically receive invitations to complete online surveys through UpVoice.

New Member Bonus

New users of UpVoice will immediately receive a signup bonus of 300 tokens ($5.00) credited to their accounts.

Multiple Ways to Earn

Earn tokens by completing the following:

  • Regularly visiting YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Amazon while logged in to the UpVoice app.
  • Reaching certain token amounts.
  • Completing specific actions, such as signing up to the panel, participating in surveys and more.

60 tokens is the equivalent of $1.00. Each individual token then, is worth $0.16.

Member's Tip! Remember to disable your ad-blocker when trying to earn tokens through UpVoice, otherwise your user activity will not be recorded.

Payment and Rewards

Earn up to $175 USD per year

During your first year as a member of UpVoice, you can make up to $175 USD. Receive 300 tokens when you first sign up, and then receive a daily total amount of 10 tokens for visiting YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Amazon. Receive extra bonus tokens when you've reached increments of tokens earned over time (i.e. when reaching 2,100 tokens over time, you will receive an additional 240 tokens). You can also make up to $100 by referring friends to the UpVoice referral program.

Earn gift cards galore

When your account reaches just 600 tokens ($10 USD), you can request a gift card from a massive variety of retailers. These include: Amazon, Best Buy, Chipotle, Delta Air Lines, DoorDash, Google Play, GameStop, iTunes, Krispy Kreme, Marshalls, Target, Walmart, and many more.

By default, your USD denominated reward will be in the currency of the payout that you select. So, for example, if you choose a $25 USD reward and you select an Amazon.co.uk gift card, you will receive the equivalent GBP value based on the USD/GBP exchange rate.

UpVoice referral program

Invite your friends to the panel to earn rewards. Simply open the UpVoice app and navigate to the 'Referral' tab. Copy your unique referral url and share it with friends on social media, on your blog, in a text message, etc. Once your friend achieves 100 tokens (in addition to the signup tokens), you will be credited with 300 tokens ($5) in your account. You can refer up to 20 friends in total.

Alternatives to UpVoice

If you're looking for an alternative to UpVoice, take a look at these survey programs that are similarly structured and offer gift card and cash rewards:

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