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20/20 Panel General Information

20/20 Panel is an online survey panel which has been conducting online surveys since 2000. 20/20 Research conducts online surveys as well as real time focus groups in an online chatroom environment. 20/20 Research compensates its panel members with cash rewards in exchange for their survey or focus group participation.

"Another great site"
December 09, 2016 by Damien from United States

Im signed up for about 20 different panels / website and this is one of the top ones that I visit because its where I make the most money at. I encourage you to try it today you wont be disappointed.

"Very Professional "
October 26, 2016 by Amanda from United States

This site is tough to qualify, but when you do they pay very well and although it can take a bit to get your payment, it does come. Also, they are starting points now as well here and there so that is exciting!

October 26, 2016 by corey from United States

I been with 20 20 panel for a year. I receive a lot surveys but never qualify for any of the focus group surveys. I need to know why.

Mysoapbox panelreply

20/20 Panel responded to this review on June 15, 2017

Hi Corey,

Nice to connect. I am the panel manager for 20|20 and I am happy to answer that question.

Historically, we have focused solely on the qualitative side of the market research industry. This is the part of the industry that peers into the "why" behind consumer behavior. Qualitative studies are very very niche. Our clients are looking for niche segments of the population like:
Live in the Northeast part of the nation
With at least one child under the age of 18 in the home
Inclined to eat organic
Shop at WholeSale Grocery outlets
Have a House hold income of $55K+
Education level is High School or above
Haven't bought a specific brand before

So, with that, we have to then try and find that exact person in our database. We get as close as we can based off what we know about our panelists (and what they have provided us in their consumer profile survey) and then shoot a pre-qualifying survey out to those that may be a fit; pending the answers to a few additional questions we don't currently have the answer to.

Then, as the qualifying applicants come in, our recruiters start calling to confirm their information and confirm they would like to participate in our client's study. Even if you qualify, you may not get in however. As we will send 100 emails out because we need 25 people, 50 people respond and take the survey and 35 qualify. Which means 10 people will not get to participate in the study.

Here recently, we have acquired a new company that allows us to offer more and more different types of opportunities to more panelists and even allows us to award points (towards cash) on some of these opportunities.

Hopefully this helps you better understand our process.

All the best to you Corey,

"Awesome Site"
October 23, 2016 by Alicia from United States

This is one of my favs. I don't get selected every time but when I do, they are worth the wait. I get on high paying blogs and they pay out like agreed. A+ for this site- I look forward to continuing with this Co.

July 11, 2016 by Sherry from United States

they pay well and quickly there's no waiting for payment




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