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101 Wood Avenue South, Iselin, New Jersey  08830 US
Tel: 615-885-2020   Contact: https://join.2020panel.com/page/4
Operated by: Schlesinger Group


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$5 (500 points) minimum account balance required to request payment.

20/20 Panel is an online survey panel which has been conducting online surveys since 1986. 20/20 Research conducts online surveys as well as real time focus groups in an online chatroom environment. They compensate their panel members with cash rewards in exchange for their survey or focus group participation.

Earn Points for Your Opinion

Taking quick surveys on the 20/20 panel will allow you to accrue points to redeem gift cards. You can even earn gift cards for participating in online discussions, chats, and web meetings. Surveys are usually short, but online discussions can take up to 90 minutes to complete.

Signing up is as easy as filling out an online profile. The more information you can provide, the more likely you will be matched with surveys or discussion-based studies.

Types of Studies

20/20 Panel offers a variety of studies that offer points as well as cash rewards:

  • Surveys only
  • Surveys + online chat interviews
  • Online discussions
  • Online web cam discussions
  • In-person studies (you must be in Nashville TN, Charlotte NC or Miami FL to participate in in-person panels)

Redeem Your Rewards

You can begin to redeem your rewards from surveys once you reach 500 points ($5.00). Discussion-based studies have incentives that range from $50-$300 should you qualify or choose to participate. The cash for discussion based studies comes in the form of a virtual or physical gift card. You decide which you would prefer to receive, which may take 7-10 business days to process.

Raffles via Facebook

The 20/20 Panel has its own dedicated Facebook page for panel members, and if you join, you can participate in raffles to earn more!

20/20 Panel Reviews (98)

5 Star Reviews (33) 33.7
4 Star Reviews (14) 14.3
3 Star Reviews (8) 8.2
2 Star Reviews (5) 5.1
1 Star Reviews (38) 38.8

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Huge Payouts for Multi Day Surveys

September 17, 2010 by Linda from United States

Now THIS is the type of survey company you look for on line to supplement your income for real. Not $1, $10 in amazon, 400 "points" or sweeps entries. Real checks that come in a few days after finishing one of their surveys. They do call after you qualify for a survey to make sure you answered all your questions honestly. They surveys I have done have been multi-day online bulletin boards with tons of questions and huge payouts, very worth my time. 3 days, 30 min to 1 hour each afternoon, 30 min to 1 hour each night = $75! Paid quickly! Interesting surveys, too!

The Reward System

September 17, 2010 by Charlotte from United States

when a company makes it's living off the opinion of the public, they should not make the reward system such a large task to go after. With working with large companies before I know just how free the free rewards are. People should be rewarded for their opinion, which you are asking, without jumping through hoops. I guarantee come payday, if you were told go down the street make a left, go up two blocks, take a right, wait for the red light, take a right, then well get back to you. You would not work for them again would you? All I'm saying is I answer surveys for a living, and after I visited your site, I was impressed, then I went to the reward section and thats when you lost me, my time is just as important working at home as yours is working in an office.

Favorite Company!

September 17, 2010 by Laura from United States

I have earned hundreds and hundreds of dollars with this company on panels. What some survey takers do NOT realize is that you must be unscrupulously HONEST when taking surveys. I believe 20/20 monitors surveyers and culls the list of those who are dishonest and not reliable. I've been on many panels for this company and they have rewarded me quickly with extremely well paying incentives. I've never had a problem with 20/20 and I only recommend this company if you are willing to be thorough, thougtful and have integrity when filling out surveys.