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604 Ave H East, Arlington, Texas  76011
Tel: 1-800-262-5974  Contact: aparks@acop.com
Operated by: Decision Analyst, Inc

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American Consumer Opinion General Information

American Consumer Opinion

American Consumer Opinion
American Consumer Opinion, also known as ACOP, is a research powerhouse. To date, they have paid out 30 million in rewards to 7 million members worldwide that have taken 20 million surveys! American Consumer Opinion was originally created by Decision Analyst in early 1986. Decision Analyst is a member of the BBB and holds memberships towards many prestigious marketing associations.

Survey Types
ACOP offers online surveys to its members that are interesting and quick. In addition to online surveys, participate in other research opportunities such as, product testing and judging the newest advertising campaigns.

Rack Up Points
Each time you take a survey, you will earn points for your time! Screener surveys (short surveys) are worth between 5 – 50 points and are 20 questions or less. Longer surveys fall in the range of 100 – 5,000 points each! 1 point equals one penny.

Great Reward Options!
As a panelist of ACOP, you must have a 1,000-point minimum balance to redeem your points. Once you have reached this minimum, you may redeem for the following options:

  • PayPal: For most countries, use PayPal to cash out your earnings in a simple and easy manner.
  • Hyperwallet: Like PayPal, Hyperwallet is a user-friendly payment platform that operates in 170+ countries. You may choose Hyperwallet as a cash out option. Please allow 8-12 weeks for payment and you will receive a confirmation email once your money is available.
  • Sweepstake Cash Out: Use your points toward sweepstake entries that give you a chance to win a variety of lucrative prizes!
  • Charity Donation: Choose to donate your money to a variety of credible charities.

Household Surveys
A few times a year ACOP sends out a survey that pertains to each household. The survey asks what products and services you use on a day to day basis. If you participate in this survey, you will most likely receive more invitations in the future, which translates to collecting more points!

Invite Friends to ACOP!
ACOP is always looking to grow its family worldwide. If you know a family member, friend or co-worker who would enjoy sharing their opinions in exchange for great rewards; then refer them to ACOP. Each time you successfully refer a new member, you will receive an entry into a monthly draw worth 5,000 points!

Eligibility: International member accepted, 14+. Limit of one person per household.

"Late payment"
May 22, 2017 by Edward from Canada

I too was waiting since December 2016 to be paid. Got the same run around that others have stated. I contacted the Better Business Bureau and within 48 hours I received my paypal payment. Coincidence, I think not. If you are getting nowhere with them, you might want to try this approach.

"Something weird going on"
May 18, 2017 by Ricky from United States

I cashed out back March 5th I have not received my payment a couple days ago I sent an email informing them of this today I went to check the website to see if they were any surveys and my email was not recognized.....Yeah ironic the weird thing is when I check my mailbox I got an $1,100 check from this survey company something weird is going on I don't know what to do but if the checks good I'm going to cash it haha

"Payment Problems"
May 17, 2017 by Candice from United States

Apparently ACO is unable to perform as promised - read the reviews regarding overdue payments, long overdue... Same run around story to everyone about their accounting dept being behind (like forever?) then hire some people or shut down if you cannot fulfill your obligation to your subscribers, Grade F My request is still pending from 2-15-17, will update if I ever receive payment, don't waste your time.

"The ACOP wait!"
May 16, 2017 by michael from United States

I take surveys for several panels. One panel pays within 10 minutes of my request. Others pay within 3-5 business days. ACOP will wear you out waiting for your money while they continue to collect from their clients. There is no good reason for ACOP to take such a long time paying their panel members and, frankly, I don't understand why Survey Police doesn't "RED FLAG" this panel and protect it's subscribers. I am into ACOP for $50 US and will not take another survey for them. My half star rating is too much.

**I file a complaint against "Decision Analyst Inc." (ACOP parent company) with the Austin, Tx BBB concerning late/non-payment from ACOP. Decision Analyst Inc. was contacted by the BBB and asked to respond. As a result Decision Analyst Inc. not only sent the payment I requested but also two payments that were in my queue as pending.
If you have a similar complaint with ACOP for late payments you might want to give the Austin, Tx BBB a try. It worked for me!

"quick to send surveys but"
May 16, 2017 by anna from United States

no PAY! . Like others i have been WAITING for almost 5 months for my payment. I received an email on the first of May stating that I will be getting my payment soon. However the only thing i received from this company was more SURVEYS!. I registered with survey police today specifically to post a review for American consumer opinion.




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