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604 Ave H East, Arlington, Texas  76011
Tel: 1-800-262-5974  Contact: aparks@acop.com
Operated by: Decision Analyst, Inc

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American Consumer Opinion General Information

American Consumer Opinion

Survey Types: American Consumer Opinion, also known as ACOP, offers online surveys to its members that are not usually more than 10 minutes long. Product testing opportunities are also available.

Most surveys award 100+ points, and even survey screeners are worth between 10-50 points.

Since 1997, Decision Analyst has operated the American Consumer Opinion online survey panel. The panel currently has over 6 million members across 150 countries. Decision Analyst is a member of the BBB and holds memberships towards many prestigious marketing associations.

Eligibility: Residents of Worldwide, 14+.

"I Didn't Exist..."
December 06, 2016 by Ian from United Kingdom

Completed several surveys, then when I went to check balance nothing was there. Not about to ring Germany...
Not worth chasing as most get screened out.
Format is long winded and no comparison to 'To Luna'!

"Not so great"
December 05, 2016 by Jeff from United States

They were OK years ago. Even though I only got 1-2 surveys a week and maybe qualified for one about every 2 months , at least all was in house. Now , it seems that they have partnered with other survey sites and instead of getting screeners from ACOP like you used to, now I am seeing multiple survey invites a day. Sounds good , right? WRONG!! Almost all are from non-ACOP sites and are bunches of varied questions that do not seem to be anything more that profile ones. The question topics jump around and do not seem focused on any specific area. Very few are ever qualified for. They all seem to be screener types. The points earned are very low and getting to cash out stage takes forever. Cashing out will really try one's patience as once you cash out , it can take over 2 months to get the check!!

"Gone down hill"
December 02, 2016 by Kevin from United States

I am re-reviewing ACOP because since my first review things have changed. It's still a legitimate panel and they do send surveys but not many and then I rarely qualify even though the surveys fit my demographics. I have also grown tired of waiting 2 to 3 months to get paid and then I only get paid after sending 2 to 3 emails requesting my payment be processed.

November 27, 2016 by Mike from United States

Used to be good. Promise to pay in 6-8 weeks. If you wait 12 weeks and continually hound them, you'll get paid. But not sure about even that in the future.

"My review of this site"
November 21, 2016 by william from United States

I had not read anything from Survey Police and had joined. The website looked very nice. I took a few survey (which turned out to be screeners.) I have 15 points in my account. I emailed support about their referral program and was answered by a support staff lady. She explained everything in detail and then I responded letting her know how horrible the referral program as well as overview of what she had shared with me about the site.

I then came here to write a simple negative review. I was too late though as it seemed everybody had beat me to the punch and left a 1/2 star terrible review.

It's my pleasure to follow suit.

Stay away from this site!




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