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Redeem points for HBC Rewards points, Aeroplan Miles, Petro-Points or Pure-Points. Rewards typically take 2-4 weeks to receive.

AskingCanadians General Information

Are you a savvy Canadian consumer?
AskingCanadians is a research community that allows you to share your opinion about numerous leading Canadian brands. Share your input on consumer products and in exchange you will receive your choice of exciting gifts. AskingCanadians also practices strict adherence to the guidelines set out by the Marketing Research and Intelligence Association (MRIA) for consistent ethical conduct of online survey research.

Unique reward options
AskingCanadians allows members to earn their choice of HBC Rewards points, Aeroplan Miles, Petro-Points or Pure-Points (Pure rewards is a website that holds unique items that are not available at traditional retailers, i.e. autographed photos or sports memorabilia), in exchange for your participation in online surveys. Members must earn points towards one chosen reward brand, but the this can be changed, points collected also can also be used to enter into lucrative prize draws through the AskingCanadians website.

Survey redemption
Most rewards from AskingCanadians take within 2-4 weeks to appear in a users account, with the exception of Pure Points which takes approx. 30 days. The quantity of the reward given from surveys taken depends on two factors: urgency and length of survey. In some cases, if a member is not chosen for a survey, they will automatically be entered into a draw to win a prize of their choice, as an appreciation for your time spent.

Get bonus points for joining
Occasionally HBC or other partners will team up with AskingCanadians to offer bonus points after joining the panel and taking a couple surveys. For instance, HBC will e-mail HBC newsletter subscribers giving new potential survey takers the opportunity to earn 500 bonus HBC points for joining AskingCanadians and completing two surveys with them.

AskingCanadians is open to all Canadians
This survey panel is open to residents of Canada only. No age restriction is needed to become a member, but individuals under the age of 18 must get a parent or legal guardian's permission to join.

"Completed surveys, but no rewards as promised"
January 04, 2017 by M.E. from Canada

I have done many surveys for this group. Most recently I completed the week-long Touchpoints survey, which requires you to do one survey every half hour for a week. It's a lot of time. Once I'd finished, I was told that I had to follow one last link to do a "final" survey and receive my rewards. The link wouldn't work. I requested help from AskingCanadians. They replied, said they would help... then didn't. I've reached out 6 or so times now, and at this point cannot get a reply at all. I cannot recommend anyone else spend their time doing surveys for AskingCanadians. Especially the (longest ever) Touchpoints survey!

"Decent to keep Aeroplan active"
November 14, 2016 by JF from Canada

the main attraction of this was that every survey even ones i don't qualify give my aeroplan points to make sure my account doesn't expire, points are deposited directly, even for 5 points. beyond that, little economic value.

"Terminated Surveys"
March 21, 2016 by Gregg from Canada

Been doing this for a while and at first, was rewarded towards Petro Points. However the system is being abused by those who make the surveys. They collect quite a few answers to questions and then say, "Sorry we have all the respondents we need for now." Seriously, don't start the survey in the first place, particularly when logging into this, they already have much of the biographical background on you. Some surveys were horribly long and not a mere 20 minutes so to be truthful their time estimate is grossly off. As as result I cancelled doing this. More often now, one puts effort into this and get next to nothing back.

"Late Screenouts"
March 04, 2016 by Ramie from Canada

Now, I get that they need to see who qualifies and who doesn't for a survey, but what I find absolutely ridiculous is when you're halfway through a survey, or have already spent a good 10-15min answering several questions, and THAT'S when you get screened out and are compensated with a measly 5 points. Seriously? I just now did a survey where I was 90% through the questions (as shown by the progression bar) and then told my participation wasn't needed. 100% completion would have given me 75 points, but here I was at 90% and only received 5 points. Where is the logic in that? And that is not the first time this has happened to me. Incredibly frustrating. Ask your super-important screening questions at the very beginning or start giving more points based on progression and questions answered.

"Not great for making money"
February 03, 2016 by James from Canada

This site is terrible for making money. It takes way too long.




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