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3-9078 Leslie St, Richmond Hill, Ontario  L4B 3L8 CA
Tel: +905-770-1770   Contact:
Operated by: Canadian Viewpoint Inc.


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Most users need 1,000 points ($10) to request a payment cheque. 500 points ($5) required for users with verified accounts, and only 100 points ($1) minimum account balance required if you have a premium or ambassador account.

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Canview Connect is an online survey panel operated by Canadian ViewPoint - a highly respected Canadian market research company.

Payment and Rewards

Earn $3 for Joining

Join Canview Connect and kick start your earnings by receiving a $2.00 joining bonus. Receive the bonus after fully registering and completing the profile questions available in your account. Once complete, 200 bonus points (worth $2) will be added to your account. That's 20% of the way to your first cash out!

High Payouts

Online surveys will range in length from as short as 1 minute up to 30 minutes in duration. The program advertises that it offers some of the highest compensation for surveys.

When a study becomes available, you'll be emailed an invitation to complete the survey which will contain information including the survey's topic, the length of the interview, and the amount of the incentive.

Tiered Redemption Levels

Canview Connect offers 4 different account statuses which will help you get paid faster. Cash payment cheques will be issued once you have earned enough points in your account. Rewards are processed within 48 hours of request.

  • Basic account (all users start at this level): Redemptions start at 1,000 points ($10)
  • Verified accounts (achieved after your first cash out): Redemptions start at 500 points ($5)
  • Premium accounts: Redemptions start at 100 points ($1)
  • Ambassador accounts: Redemptions start at 100 points ($1)
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Survey Taking Experience

Earn Bonus Points Through Engagement Score Contests

The 'Wall of Fame' section in your account will display what your current Engagement Score is. The following factors will affect your score:

  • Every 10 survey attempts : +2 points
  • Survey completion: +5 points
  • Survey rejection due to quality or security: -5 points
  • Successfully refer a friend: +20 points
  • Rewards redemption approval: +10 points

Daily Engagement Score Contest Winners:

  • Basic account winner: +25 reward points
  • Verified account winner: +50 reward points
  • Premium account winner: +100 reward points
  • Ambassador account winner: +200 reward points

Monthly Top 20 Winners:

  • Basic account winners: +25-200 points
  • Verified account winners: +50-300 points
  • Premium account winners: +75-400 points
  • Ambassador account winners: +100-600 points
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Referral Program

Refer a friend or extended family members to Canview Connect and collect 500 points once the person you referred attempts three surveys or completes at least one. Receive an additional 10 points every time your referral completes future surveys.

Eligibility: Canadian residents 16+ only

Joining Bonus! Canview Connect is currently offering a $2 sign up bonus to new members. » Click here to claim your bonus!

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Great honest site

February 23, 2022 by Gwen from Canada

Had a redemption go astray between them and me. Let them know and was assured they would act on it. I forgot. They did not. Got the cheque today. I am a fan.

the ship is sinking

September 7, 2020 by Jeff from Canada

When I started using it a year ago, at first I was making good money. Then starting in January it started going way down for everyone to the point you are barely making anything.

Cant get any answers.

February 4, 2020 by Bill from Canada

Unable to redeem points due to I cant reset password the link does not work and canview can not or will not do anything about it. What can be done?