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3-9078 Leslie St, Richmond Hill, Ontario  L4B 3L8 CA
Tel: 888-770-1770  Contact: info@surveylion.com
Operated by: Canadian Viewpoint Inc.

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SurveyLion General Information


SurveyLion is an online survey panel operated by Canadian Viewpoint, one of Canada's largest consumer opinion agencies. SurveyLion is available in both English and French, and focuses on the Canadian market. SurveyLion rewards its members with cash for their survey participation - quarterly cash draws for members only are also held.

Available to residents of Canada age 16+

"Good overall "
August 06, 2016 by Trisha from Canada

This site sends out interesting surveys and the incentives are generally higher than other sites. The surveys are good quality and interesting. The only downside is they don't send out many surveys. Redeeming is easy, I've never had a problem.

"Excellent site"
June 22, 2016 by Brandon from Canada

SurveyLion has been a pleasant surprise for me thus far. First off, I haven't yet had a survey that is less than a dollar, with the average being 3$. I like that.

Secondly, their customer support (from Jennifer Ross) has been excellent, polite and very responsive. I asked a question and it was answered on the same day!

I have built a quick 23$ on this site in a short time, and will cashout - I only take half a star off because the cashout regime does appear to make you wait a while. Cashouts appear to be done by cheque, and they issue CAD for Canadian panelists.

I will update once I've received my cashout, but so far so good, I can recommend this site so far!

"Great Company!"
April 10, 2016 by Joanne from Canada

This is one of my favourite survey companies. I have cashed out three times for $100 each time. They do take a while to send a cheque, but I don't mind the wait. They send a survey a couple of times a week, usually paying $2 or $3. It slowly adds up. And they never scam you at the end by saying "Survey no longer available" or "You don't qualify". They're up front and honest. It's a pleasure to do surveys for them.

"No issues"
December 15, 2015 by Pat from Canada

Not many opportunities but worth my time and always paid without ever having a issue. Thank-you!

"King of the Jungle"
October 15, 2015 by Ron from Canada

Pays up, small check $5.00 .
Carol Udell runs it, well done.
After you sign up, await emails.
Do surveys get paid, wish they all were so simple. Kudos for Survey Lion




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