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10 Sites Where You Can Get Paid for Browsing the Internet

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If you’re looking for a way to get paid for browsing the internet and surfing the web, you’re in luck! These days there are plenty of options available to help with earning passive income through the use of apps. These apps run unobtrusively on your internet devices, while helping mold how brands and businesses market their products and services mobile and online.

How getting paid to surf the web works

Market researchers aim to understand the patterns and behaviors of people using the internet through their devices. This data is collected using an app that is installed on a user’s device (typically, on their cell phone or as a browser-add on their computer) and runs in the background. Data collected from devices is anonymized, and aggregated with other’s users data to form data figures and isn’t traceable back to any one individual user.

Have you ever seen a stat in the media like, ‘People spend an average of 1 hour a day on social media websites’? Stats like these are often derived from these internet meters.

Get paid to use your phone

using phoneAs more and more people use their phones every day for everything from browsing the internet to making purchases, brands and businesses are looking for ways to make their mobile experience better. You can help these companies market their brands more effectively to mobile users and learn what purchase behavior to expect, all while getting paid to do exactly what you are doing anyway – using your phone and surfing the internet!

Here are some mobile apps that offer rewards for installing and keeping their software running in the background:

Mobilexpression websiteNew MobileXpression users who install the app on their device(s) and are an active member for one week will automatically receive a $5 Amazon gift card (in the USA). UK users can receive a £20 Amazon voucher after having the app installed for 2 weeks. Users from other countries have similar rewards options.

SavvyConnect websiteEarn cash with SavvyConnect by installing the free SavvyConnect app on your devices and keeping it installed. You’ll receive regular incentives for participating in the program and you may receive supplementary paid surveys for remaining an active user. Available for both iOS and Android.

Nielsen wants your input

You may recognize the Nielsen brand as a company trusted for monitoring television viewing and listing ratings of top shows, but did you know that they’re also a dominant player in understanding online and mobile habits? They author numerous industry reports on how people use their devices, what types of media they consume and how long they spend doing so. If you’d like to become part of this aggregated data, check out the following panels Nielsen is behind.

Nielsen Computer and Mobile Panel websiteThe Nielsen Computer and Mobile Panel asks you to download their app on your internet enabled devices, from your phone to television to desktop computer, to receive up to $50 per year in gift cards and prizes for each device you register.

Nielsen Net Ratings websiteNielsen Net Ratings aims to get a 360 degree view of how consumers engage with online media. Similar to Nielsen Digital Voice, the panel measures how you use the internet, including how you use your phone when you’re accessing the internet.

Share your household and business browsing habits

Citizenme website
CitizenMe is a panel with two separate options, one for home use, and one for businesses.  Not only does CitizenMe offer surveys via their app, you can also activate an add-on that will track your browsing habits. This can be easily switched on or off so you can share as little or as much as you like.

Similarly, Digital Reflection Panel aims to monitor your home use via an internet meter, that will measure how you use the internet in your household.  Any devices connected to your internet, including your phone, will be monitored for usage in return for rewards.

Doing web searches for rewards

GPT sites (get-paid-to websites) offer their users the ability to earn rewards by taking surveys, watching videos, completing offers, playing games, and more. Some of these sites also offer credits for doing internet searches you might be doing anyway.

Swagbucks websiteSwagbucks is the web’s largest GPT program, with an astonishing $800 million in rewards paid to members. Do your internet searches using the Swagbucks search engine and earn SG’s (points) credited to your account. Join and get a $5 sign up bonus!

QuickRewards websiteQuickRewards Network gives you the opportunity to conduct your internet searches via the website to earn credits to your account. QuickRewards has no minimum balance requirements – request your rewards with as little as 1 cent in your account!

instaGC's websiteinstaGC has awarded over 1.7 million gift cards to its members. Use their internal search engine in place of what you currently use for an easy way to earn additional points every day.

ySense websiteySense provides the opportunity to earn cash and gift cards for completing surveys, participating in micro tasks, and more. Install their browser add on to conduct searches and earn rewards faster.

InboxDollars websiteInboxDollars (USA only) offers a browser toolbar where you can earn cash by using the toolbar to get paid for browsing the internet, while having an easy way of staying informed about the latest free offers, surveys, etc.

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