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Green checkboxCash paid via PayPal
Green checkboxVISA prepaid cards
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$50 minimum account balance required to request rewards

Digital Reflection Panel General Information

Use the meter and get rewarded
Digital Reflection will ship you an internet meter which you connect to your wireless router at home. It's simple to install, and only takes less than 5 minutes. Once you've installed the device, you can connect it to your computers and phone and earn rewards for doing so.

Earn Reward Dollars every month
Program participants earn Reward Dollars which can be redeemed for PayPal payments, Visa prepaid cards, and donations to charity once you have $50 in your account. Receive the following amounts for participating:

  • Initial meter installation: $20.00
  • Extra speed bonus (for installing meter within 4 days of receiving it): $5.00
  • First device update: $25.00
  • Subsequent monthly rewards: $5.00
  • Survey opportunities: varies

You can potentially earn more than $200 during your first year with the program.

Your privacy is important
Sensitive information such as medical histories and financial information is masked before the information is transmitted. Identifiable information is not shared or sold with any third party.

"digital reflection panel/only works about year..then you are kicked OUT!!"
August 03, 2017 by randy from United States

joined for about year meter ,and it was working fine until either a power surge or LIGHTNING struck and messed up the meter,they will NOT REPAIR OR REPLACE IT.....
I guess at least the money I earned,I may get to use... since I just redeemed,and they sent email and called stating "NO REPAIR OR REPLACE METER!!"
if u can keep meter going it easy money,BUT USE CAUTION as I noticed another reviewer on here stated they KICKED them off,without them being able to get the rewards.,

"cut me off"
July 14, 2017 by steve from United States

I was gone on vacation. Internet went down while I was gone. Came back and called comcast they said it would be 3 days before they could fix it. Then i got an email from the panel saying they were going to kick me out after almost a year of doing the work. I called them and the tech said he could fix it if I got the internet back up. I said it will be back up in two more days. He said i would be able to remain on the panel. That was in late June. Today I tried to login and could not. I called the panel and they said I had been kicked out because i was not transmitting I told the tech who I think was the same person about my conversation two weeks ago. He just kept saying sorry you are out. So not only am I out, but the $145 I had earned were gone. I did all the work and now they will not give me the money promised. In the work world that is a crime and the company could be prosecuted. I sure put up with a lot of work for this and now they will not give it to me..

"No Problems Nice Profit "
July 12, 2017 by Shawnie from United States

I have been using Digital Reflection for over 1 yr now. I had a little bump getting it set up originally, kept saying it wasn't installed. Once I got connected I haven't had any issues since. It has not affected my internet at all, I stream tv and use my WiFi for for other devices. It has been an easy way to earn money. I just recently this week requested a Visa gift card and have requested before and received with no problem.

"Do not use! "
June 21, 2017 by kim from United States

I spent so much time and energy complaining to Comcast about the speed of my internet and had 3 different techs come to my house to figure out why I was only downloading at speeds around 8mbps when I was paying for 250mbps. The last tech finally decided to unplug the meter and do a speed test. I went from 8mbps to 230mbps! I was finally able to use my amazon Firestick w/o freezing and got all my smart light bulbs and Google Home working. Not worth the cash!

"Not Too Shabby"
June 18, 2017 by Chrystal from United States

I have only had positive interactions with this company. I have not had any problems with my internet speed, shaking service, no bad side effects what so ever. I ordered my meter on April 18th and it was here on the 20th. I installed it and have been checking for updates and finally received on this month, June. I promptly did this and earned an additional $25. I have a total of $60. You can opt to have your funds sent to you several ways,, after you have a minimum of $50 on your account. I can understand this, because they are sending you the device free of charge and they want to be sure you hook it up and use it for several months before you just cash out for the $25, a business could go bankrupt by letting customers do this. I have not had any of my accounts hacked because of having them monitor my activities. But cashing out, you can have the money placed in your PayPal account, a prepaid Visa debit card sent to you, a digital Visa debit card, or you can donate the money to Unicef. I think it is a great company, I mean you get paid to have a device monitor your internet usage, what is better than getting paid to do something so simple. I plan on keeping mine indefinitely. I am a very happy Digital Reflections Panel Member.




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