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11950 Democracy Drive, Suite 600 Reston, VA  20190 US
Tel: 877-574-1789   Contact:
Operated by: ComScore


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$50 minimum account balance required to request rewards.

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Digital Reflection, a division of comScore, is a market research company that is dedicated to understanding how people use the internet in their homes (including computers, tablets, laptops, mobile phones, etc.). As a panel member, you'll be contributing to information that will allow companies to discover new ways to enhance a user's internet experience. Participants don't just get rewards, they also get a tree planted in their honor through the Trees of Knowledge program.

Use the Meter and Get Rewarded

Digital Reflection will ship you an internet meter which you connect to your wireless router at home. It's simple to install, and only takes less than 5 minutes. Once you've installed the device, you can connect it to your computers and phone and earn rewards for doing so.

Earn Reward Dollars Every Month

Program participants earn Reward Dollars which can be redeemed for PayPal payments, Visa prepaid cards, and donations to charity once you have $50 in your account. Receive the following amounts for participating:

  • Initial meter installation: $25.00
  • Extra speed bonus (for installing meter within 4 days of receiving it): $25.00
  • First 2 months of use: $60
  • If you keep it plugged in, you'll receive a further $10/month
  • First device update: $25.00
  • Possible subsequent monthly rewards: $5.00
  • Survey opportunities: various

You can potentially earn more than $200 during your first year with the program.

Your Privacy Is Important

Sensitive information such as medical histories and financial information is masked before the information is transmitted. Identifiable information is not shared or sold with any third party.

Eligibility: USA households with an annual income of $75k+

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1 Star Reviews (19) 34.5

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Digital Reflections' Box is malware

October 22, 2023 by Steven from United States

The Digital Reflection box is not only spyware, but malware. I was unable to access certain web sites, including my banks. Not knowing the source of the problem, I contacted my Internet Service Provider, and then Microsoft, and after 8 hours on the phone, I finally hired the Geek Squad to make a house call, which cost me $338, and they discovered after spending three hours checking my cables, modem, and router, that the Digital Reflection box and the blue cord was causing my issue. I am warning everyone never to install this malware, and if you have it installed already, disconnect it. Digital Reflections flatly refused to reimburse me for the money I paid the Geek Squad. Digital Reflections is disreputable, and dangerous.

Never worked

August 18, 2023 by Linda from United States

They sent me a meter which I plugged in and it never transmitted data. I kept getting messages that my account was inactive because the meter was not plugged in. I suspect it wouldn't transmit because I have spectrum one which has built in security. I am currently waiting on instructions to mail it back. I tried a different cord and it still didn't work. They kept calling from different toll free numbers and would get rude because I was working and unable to "troubleshoot" the issue. I work as a newspaper carrier and spend several hours on the road every day.

A headache and a blessing!!

July 14, 2023 by Thomas from United States

I joined the digital reflection panel in May of 2019. Everything was going great until my router died without a way to replace my router at the time I contacted digital reflection support explained my router died and could not replace it immediately. I thought I would be kicked off the panel or have to resign the panel instead it was put on hold for the time I was without a router which was 6 months. Once I got my new router I just contacted Digital Reflection Support to reactivate my panel membership. First disaster averted.

Then I started having issues with losing my internet, Internet apps not connecting on Windows 10, and connection to my plex media server being lost and unable to connect. Low and behold I noticed when the digital refection box was changing the name of my network from LargeWillow to Network. So I unplugged the digital refection box for 5 minutes my network name reverted back to LargeWillow in Windows 10 and my router was functioning properly.

So I thought problem fixed until a few days latter my plex media server lost connection and could not find the server again. So I looked at my Windows 10 network name it once again changed from LargeWillow to Network.

After dealing with unplugging the digital refection box for 5 minutes every few days or few weeks I got tired of resetting my network to function properly. So I contacted digital refection Support to fix the issue. They sent an update to my digital refection box in order to correct the issues I was having. That worked fine for several months then the same thing starting happening again internet issues and loss of connection to my plex media server and unable to find the server again. Of course I unplugged the digital refection box for 5 minutes then once my network reset again everything was fine again.

Thats when I started to my research. Every time my Windows 10 network name changed to Network is when I started having the issues I was having and cisco connect program could not find my router since the digital refection box was acting as a virtual router and over riding my router.

After several months of research I finally found a permanent fix to my issues and still have the digital refection box still transmit data.

I had to go into the Windows 10 registry under internet protocols to edit registry keys from what they were to LargeWillow to match the SSID of my router. Once I did that on both my personal PC and the computer that has plex media server installed on it all my connection issues have disappeared and my network name on both PC's are LargeWillow and have not reverted back to Network.


I started on the Digital Reflections Panel in May 2019. It was great while it lasted. They even put my panel membership on hold when my router died, then 3 months later when I got my router replaced I was able to get my Panel membership reactivated. The same is true when I moved to a new apartment this past May 2023.

Then just today (July 12, 2023) I got an email notice that the Digital Reflections Panel was downsizing the pool of members I drew the short stick on that, and that my Digital Reflections Panel Membership would be terminated by July 19, 2023. One heck of a way to reward a long-term panelist and one who did everything they asked of you to force resign from the panel.

digital reflections

April 25, 2023 by taylor from United States

digital reflection is alright, some internet issues there for the first year, still experience some. cashout >>>$50.00 I use the paypal option. for the last 2 maybe 3 years, I always got my reward money (7) days there after I submit it. all of sudden 2023 its taking more than 16 days to get the money, I try to not to make a major ordeal about it. but when i do ask about it, major copy and paste 18 day time frame to no avail. after all we do rent our data to this company, and provide them services so we do earn our reward. they should speed the timing up on panel members reward payment. it's fun to make the extra money. customer support has always been pretty good to answering my questions and calling me when requested. pretty good panel. has it's flaws.I will continue i'm approaching my 3 year mark. no major complaint here. just to add - digital reflection support staff has always been respectful to me, and has never harassed me about my meter being unplugged. always send me a friendly email reminder, last but not least, the panel will not provide any replacements, or replacement units- ethernet, nothing zip.

some advice would be provide only 1 replacement that way we have a chance to stay on. if something happens to the meter.

Great when it works

March 16, 2023 by Tia from United States

I was a member for years, only had a few problems before. Customer service is horrible, they respond but are ignorant and rude, don't read tickets, and it's like pulling teeth,but my problems were easily fixed when they got around to it.
However, my last issue was more complex, started after the last monthly update and was isolated to the meter as it affected all devices, but they wouldn't listen and literally argued that certain websites and programs just wouldn't work anyway lol despite they had worked prior to the monthly update,and work again when meter is unplugged.
They were going to remove a security certificate from 1 pc even though all devices didn't work. Obviously never fixed the problem, because they didn't understand the issue, didn't care, couldn't do things we needed to do anymore online, and ended up resigning because of it.