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11950 Democracy Drive, Suite 600 Reston, VA  20190 US
Tel: 877-574-1789   Contact:
Operated by: ComScore


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$50 minimum account balance required to request rewards.

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Digital Reflection, a division of comScore, is a market research company that is dedicated to understanding how people use the internet in their homes (including computers, tablets, laptops, mobile phones, etc.). As a panel member, you'll be contributing to information that will allow companies to discover new ways to enhance a user's internet experience. Participants don't just get rewards, they also get a tree planted in their honor through the Trees of Knowledge program.

Use the Meter and Get Rewarded

Digital Reflection will ship you an internet meter which you connect to your wireless router at home. It's simple to install, and only takes less than 5 minutes. Once you've installed the device, you can connect it to your computers and phone and earn rewards for doing so.

Earn Reward Dollars Every Month

Program participants earn Reward Dollars which can be redeemed for PayPal payments, Visa prepaid cards, and donations to charity once you have $50 in your account. Receive the following amounts for participating:

  • Initial meter installation: $25.00
  • Extra speed bonus (for installing meter within 4 days of receiving it): $25.00
  • First 2 months of use: $60
  • If you keep it plugged in, you'll receive a further $10/month
  • First device update: $25.00
  • Possible subsequent monthly rewards: $5.00
  • Survey opportunities: various

You can potentially earn more than $200 during your first year with the program.

Your Privacy Is Important

Sensitive information such as medical histories and financial information is masked before the information is transmitted. Identifiable information is not shared or sold with any third party.

Eligibility: USA households with an annual income of $75k+

Digital Reflection Panel Reviews (55)

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4 Star Reviews (5) 9.1
3 Star Reviews (3) 5.5
2 Star Reviews (10) 18.2
1 Star Reviews (19) 34.5

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Great Site

December 5, 2016 by Starshina from United States

I love the rewards on this site great way to receive Cards for the Holiday and I'm loving it the site

Better Now

December 4, 2016 by KAREN from United States

Had a lot of problems w/ Wifi @ 1st. Had to keep unplugging & replugging as my husband couldn't get wifi on his phone in bedroom. Seems to be fine now & have cashed out for $ 00 so far. received $20 for keeping it plugged in for 3mths. Stuck w/ it & it's paying off. Money went to paypal & takes 1 day to get to bank acct.


November 15, 2016 by Tamaro from United States

I have had the meter digital reflection for 2 weeks now.I just can't go through with keeping it.My whole computer went crazy can't print and the speed on Internet is worst. My McAfee wants me to remove the program.I am not happy my family keeps removing the meter from the plug.I think I bit off more than I can chew just not working for me was just going to try this for a month but way too much maintenance just for a small meter.I will try again to see if issues can be resolved and if not will ship it back.

slow down the internet access

October 19, 2016 by Minghoung from United States

I got the device and installed it in no time..., waited to see what happened next.
Well, only for three days, I found out that my AT&T U-Verse access (download) speed drops from 18MB/s to 6MB/s.
Not sure if I can sustain that long for a month to complete.
I will update later when this is determined. (Is $50 a good reason for me to stay with it?)

10/18/2016: more trouble if use VPN and soft-token for security access to work. It messed up my environment twice, eventually I called Digital Reflection to confirm with them. It's not compatible. Oops...

No problems here

September 29, 2016 by Kevin from United States

I was paid $50 in about 6 weeks through PayPal without any issues. It didn't interfere with my internet at all.

Although as soon as I was paid I unhooked it and removed the digital certificates because I don't believe $5 a month is worth keeping it hooked up.