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200 S.E. 1st Street, 12th Floor Miami, Florida  33131 US
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Brand Institute is a world premiere brand identity consultancy in the US and is the parent of the Drug Safety Institute (DSI), which offers a path to naming a drug properly that assures approval. The biggest target for them, then, is a medical professional. They do also send out consumer surveys on occasion. Note that applying to be a part of this panel is not an easy task, as almost all studies are addressed to medical professionals.

Get paid cash for completing surveys

Take paid surveys on a variety of different topics and earn cash. Get paid via check or directly to your PayPal account - your choice. You will automatically be issued a payment once the study fully closes.

Payment amounts

As with any survey panel, the amount of compensation you receive for a completing surveys will vary, however, typically, most regular surveys pay between $2-$5, and medical surveys pay anywhere from $5-$30 per completion. If you happen to match with the panel’s unique criteria, you can expect to receive up to 20 surveys a year. The amount of compensation offered for completing the survey, as well as the approximate time it will take you to complete the survey, will be listed in the e-mail you are sent, inviting you to participate in the study.

Referral program ended

Although Brand Institute offered a referral program in the past, it was discontinued as of January 1st, 2017.

Medical professionals earn more - much more

If you are a doctor, pharmacist, nurse, or other medical professional, you will be eligible to take special medical surveys. These surveys pay much more than regular consumer surveys, as only a select group of people qualify to complete them (i.e. people who work in healthcare). Survey topics are varied, however surveys are often related to drug names, as pharmaceutical companies comprise a large chunk of Brand Institute's clients.

Special VIP program

When you have been an active member of Brand Institute for a least 6 months, you may become eligible to become a VIP member. Once you have obtained this status, you can simply log into your account to see what studies are available to you, rather than waiting to be e-mailed. If you are in medicine, this is especially helpful, as you will see a listing of the open surveys, and their associated payouts.

Eligibility: anybody 18+ from around the world can join. Medical professionals are preferred.

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Waste of time

December 4, 2016 by KAREN from United States

This site is a waste of time. I need 3 cents to cash out for the 1st time & I'm out. Been a couple yrs & I still don't qualify for surveys.

med surveys

December 8, 2020 by Albert from United States

low but reliable is odd compared to other sites.

update: pay rates steadily declining. even if all goes well, you'll be working for about $5 / hour

Rarely Get Surveys

January 5, 2015 by Sharon from United States

I've been a member for two years now and in that time I've made a total of $5. The surveys are infrequent and qualifying for them is even more rare. It's not really their fault - it's more of a medically-themed panel. Medical professionals are paid nicely. I'm not a medical professional, so I've only done the one survey for $5, which is nice payment for the 15 minute survey I did, but that's it in two years. My payment took a while, (I can't remember how long, but it wasn't instant, but it was straight to Paypal. They have something called a "VIP Program," where you're given access to an online listing of current surveys to choose from. However, it comes with some kind of verification process and information submission -- my guess is they'd verify your ID, maybe even Soc Sec card, mail or pay stubs, which could verify your DOB, address and income. By asking for that much info, it would show an integrity and accountability for research, but some may consider it somewhat invasive. They pay very well, so it may be worth it. Otherwise, if you're not a "VIP," or a medical professional, don't expect to make much money on this one.

I never qualify

August 11, 2013 by Ella from United States

I don't know what this site is looking for. I have been sent surveys worth about $5 each, and I only qualified for one in about a year. In the year I have been a member, I got only six offers in the first place.


September 17, 2010 by Joyce from United States

Excuses are Brand Institute's stock in trade. They claim you've violated their rules as soon as it's time to pay. When you ask for exact details because you question the validity of their claim, the ignore you. I have tried to resolve the issue they claimed by email and phone to no avail. The phone is never answered and the emails are not returned. I'm ready to bring this outfit to the attention of the Florida Attorney General. Avoid this company, they're clearly not legitimate!