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The Global Opinion Panel/Synovate has merged with IPSOS. This panel has now become part of Ipsos-iSay.

"No longer exists"
November 08, 2012 by Anthony from United States

Synovate recently merged with I-say and thing have gone downhill from there. They aren't sending out rewards, or if they do you are likely do get a fake gift card code. Horrible customer service. Just left this new merged company after being a member of both of the former companies for years with few problems.


"Takes way too long"
August 29, 2012 by LNatasha from United States

Takes way too long to make $5. The surveys are horridly long and boring and plain. When you do get the $5 check, it takes three weeks to reach you in the mail. I live in the same city where the check is being mailed from, it shouldn't take three weeks. The problem is they don't send them out for a while.

"6 Months of Surveys= $4"
August 17, 2012 by Joanne from Canada

I can't believe how many survey's I've taken with this company, and for a couple of months I've had trouble accessing my account. I figured my points must be quite high by now, and I was excited to see I have almost 4000 points. I was hugely disappointed to see taht 4000 points = $4. Once I reach $5 I'm quitting, because it's a total waste of my time. Also, customer support is next to useless.

"has gone downhill in the last year"
August 14, 2012 by rick from United States

it seems this company has gone down in the last year....i too am disappointed because i used to get good surveys and the incentives were good..not any more....im waiting for them to get their act together...

"pretty good"
June 28, 2012 by heather from United States

it takes a VERY long time to get soome of your points on this site. also it takes FOREVER to get your checks. when i first signed up, i was getting a lot of surveys but after a few months it has went down tremendously. also i hardly ever qualify for the surveys anymore. it's like they sent you a lot to begin with to make themselves look good then they stop! also, i had to contact customer service a few times on some points and checks i was missing and the email i got back within a few minutes was just an auto reply saying they were having difficulties. i got this message both times so it seems to me they don't wanna be bothered with anyone so they just have an auto reply with the same message! other than all this, i would recommend this one because i have always gotten paid and the payouts are decent.




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