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200 E. Basse Road, San Antonio, Texas  78209 US
Tel:    Contact: http://www.hitpredictor.com/support
Operated by: iHeartMedia Inc.


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HitPredictor, owned by iHeart Media Inc., pre-tests songs prior to major airplay and gives panelists sweet rewards for listening in and sharing their opinions. The power to directly influence new music before it's released is in your hands as your opinions are shared with radio stations, record labels and music managers.

HitPredictor - A Unique Community

Do you love music? Why not get paid to listen to your favorite songs? HitPredictor gives you the opportunity to influence new music before it is released into the public!

Sign Up and Get Started

Sign up is easy and just takes a few minutes. Fill out your basic information, create a password, and choose your favorite style of music. Listen to tracks then rate them and leave comments. For each rating you get 3 points. You can make 3 points every 2 minutes, or approximately 90 points in an hour! As an added bonus, if you rate 15 songs in a 7-day period you will get 15 points for free! Earn points also by rating artists.

Member Benefits

Gain VIP access to voting groups and polls. Also be the first in the world to hear new songs, all while helping record labels choose the next hits. Know about the coolest songs before they hit the radio stations.

Rewards for Participating

Rate as little as 10 songs and receive a $5 Amazon card for your participation. E-cards are delivered by email within a week of rating the songs. HitPredictor also has many ongoing sweepstakes and prize draws that members can win.

Friend Referral Program

Don't forget to refer your friends for even more bonus rewards!

Find New Artists and Win!

As an added bonus of being a panel member, if you know an unsigned band and send their information in, you could win a $1000 "finders fee".

Eligibility: International members accepted, 13+

Hitpredictor Reviews (22)

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4 Star Reviews (0) 0.0
3 Star Reviews (2) 9.1
2 Star Reviews (3) 13.6
1 Star Reviews (10) 45.5

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October 26, 2017 by Kristina from United States

Super easy to win Amazon Gift Cards. All you have to do is get their emails that say 'First 50 people to rate the next 10 (or 15) songs get a 5$ Amazon Card.' It's that simple. Every single time I rate the songs I get a 5$ prize. They do it weekly. I've also won raffles, I just won one for a 50$ Amazon Gift Card. This place is super easy to win gift cards from, I make at least 20$ a month in gift cards. And you would be surprised how many people DON'T do the contests, so that means that you have huge chances of being one of the first 50 people. I've done the contests days after getting the email and I still win!

LOVE this site

November 18, 2015 by Kim from United States

I love this site. It's easy to just listen to music & rate the songs to collect points to be used for prizes or to be used to enter contests. They very often have contests where you all you have to do is rate 10 songs in a weekend to be entered for an Amazon gift card giveaway. I have redeemed points for tons of prizes since I first started my account with this company in 2007 & have won a lot of gift cards. If you have won a gift card contest, they are very good at emailing you the gift card code within a couple of days after contest is over. The only negative about this site is that the prize selection needs to be changed more often.

HitPredictor is a waste of time!

September 17, 2010 by Bobbi from United States

They don't have any good prizes, and you have to rate 100's of songs to get a prize. Most of the time, they don't have the gift cards in stock--it's a complete waste of time!

Bait and switch

September 17, 2010 by jay from United States

They have a great premise for a website-it's not a traditional survey site but u do give ur opinion on popular songs. That part is fun. The bad part comes when you try to collect on your prize-they either magically become "out of stock" or, they refuse to tell you when they will send it & never respond to emails. It's a scam~they simply use new members to get the reviewing done & then never compensate them, IMO.

PromoSquad USED to be good...

September 17, 2010 by Mandy from United States

I joined PromoSquad back in 2005, and back then it was a good site. I could rate music, vote in polls, and got prizes for doing so. But now it's hardly ever updated and people in the PromoSquad forums complained about not receiving their prizes. Now the forums have been conveniently removed from the site!