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Operated by: Umongous, Inc.

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InstantCashSweepstakes General Information

Instant Cash Sweepstakes
Instant Cash Sweepstakes or ICS is a simple and fun panel with a casino-like feel! Take short surveys and automatically get entered into winning cash prizes in real time. Watch others win across the country too on their homepage!

Don’t Wait for Survey Invites
Each time you log into ICS there will be surveys for you to complete, you don’t have to wait until you qualify for a study. Members fill out the quick and fun surveys and after each one is completed they accumulate lottery tickets, coins or instant cash winnings. The lottery tickets are for entering the sweepstakes and coins can be used to purchase more lottery tickets!

Numerous Daily Sweepstakes
Each day there are numerous sweepstakes to be won. One member wins a $50 cash prize and many members win $2 prizes every four hours. Gain more lottery tickets to use towards prizes by writing your own survey for everyone in the community to answer, the best one each month is awarded with a cool $100!

Quick and Easy Payment Method
You can request payment once you have accumulated only $2 in your account, no need to wait until you have a large lump sum! Once you cash out your account, the amount is payed via PayPal within 72 hours. Note that once your account reaches $100 you are required to cash out within 30 days.

Great Referral Program
Instant Cash Sweepstakes offers a great referral program that is very unique. A link is provided for you to post on your social media channels to attract your friends to take part in this panel. The best part is, once you have referred someone that is actively taking surveys, their winnings are matched in your account. Meaning if they have accumulated $50 then you will also be awarded $50!

Comments Page
ICS has a page where members can share their experiences about the website, good or bad, they want to hear your thoughts and opinions. Many times you will also receive a reply to your comment in a timely manner. Also visit the feedback forum to share any ideas you may have.

Answer Honestly and Get Rewarded!
ICS takes an average measurement of your survey answers and compares them to your demographic, overtime if you answer the surveys honestly you will build up a “TrustScore” which can have rewards associated with it.

Become a Pro User
Members with a large amount of community involvement and participation may be invited to become a “pro user” at ICS. Pro Users must own a webcam and will be asked to record their responses to special surveys! These users will be offered unique rewards as an added bonus.

Eligibility: United States residents only, also make sure your IP address is from the US, or you will not receive the winnings. Please be aware that ICS does not work on Internet Explorer version 6.

August 09, 2016 by CAROL from United States


"Horrible Site"
May 24, 2016 by michelle from United States

This site is a farce. It really doesn't pay out anything, it's more about getting you to sign up for other stuff. Not worth the effort to sign up

"It's okay, if you have patience."
May 21, 2016 by Henk from United States

You make a little money here and there. You can have it remind you every three hours or so, via email to play again, and the more you do surveys the higher your rank and that means you can answer more questions. Each survey or poll is three-five questions and will pay you out in random amounts.

"Not worth it"
February 12, 2016 by Harry from United States

This site gives you opportunity to win cash after taking short surveys. The problem is that your chances of getting anything significant is small. Even though the surveys are super short, I don't really want the chance to win $0.02. There is a daily $50 draw, but I've never won it.

I say stick to survey sites where you'll get something every time you take a survey and avoid the ones where all you have is a chance at winning something.

"Not really a survey site"
December 03, 2015 by Jeff from United States

This is not really a true survey site , but rather more of a sweepstakes one with some market research mini-surveys tossed in. Their sister site PaidViewpoint is their survey one.

The customer service is superb and each session (every 3 hours) only takes a few minutes. The payout per session ranges from (rarely) just tickets and coins to $.10 with tickets and coins. The tickets are for a daily $50 drawing (have won it several times) and the coins are for you to enter as you wish into an every 4 hour drawing for $2.

The only negative thing is that the site can get stuck in a rut and give the user the same surveys many times a day, even many times a session. Also , they award $100 for best survey that month , but I have yet to see any surveys from those winners.




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