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Unlimited House, 10 Great Pulteney Street London,   W1F 9NB GB
Tel: +44 (0)20 7349 4000   Contact: [email protected]
Operated by: Unlimited Group


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5,000 point minimum required for £50 cheque redemption.

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newvista is an online research community operated by Unlimited Group in Great Britain that provides informed insight to clients and is made up of consumers and other members of the public who are invited to take part in research projects in exchange for cash and other rewards. They are looking at your views on topics ranging from shopping, advertising, technology, entertainment, politics and current affairs.

Sign Up to Receive £5

Join newvista to automatically receive 500 points (worth £5) instantly credited to your account.

Take Surveys and Participate in Activities

Take surveys or participate in a variety of other activities and earn points for your time. Surveys and activities vary in the amount of time they take, but you will be compensated according to the amount of time and complexity of the task. On average, newvista awards 100 points for every 15 minutes of time spent responding to a survey. Points are credited to your account within one month of completing a survey.

Points are Worth Cash!

Once your account reaches 5000 points, you can request a payment check for £50. Thereafter, with each 5,000 points you accumulate you can receive further payments of £50.

Get Entries Into the Monthly Draw

For every survey you complete, you will be entered into a monthly draw! Two prizes of £250 are awarded monthly, with other smaller prize draws planned in the future. If you win the draw, you will be notified via email.

Eligibility: UK residents 16+

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5 Star Reviews (10) 22.2
4 Star Reviews (4) 8.9
3 Star Reviews (7) 15.6
2 Star Reviews (7) 15.6
1 Star Reviews (17) 37.8

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Dynata are not paying for surveys

September 21, 2022 by Oliver from United Kingdom

EDIT: I have downgraded them again because now it's not just Samplicious: Dynata are now failing to pay for ANY completed partner surveys and New Vista are just sending me automated responses to my help requests.

I rated them much higher before, as their surveys pay well and the Dynata partner surveys aren't too bad, either, but now they're hosting surveys from the execrable Samplicious, who very frequently screen you out AFTER you've completed a survey. They are one of the very worst survey providers out there.

no longer pay in cash

June 10, 2022 by Tony from United Kingdom

Not many qualifying surveys and last cashed out with them end of last year but they only pay in shopping vouchers only. It use to be cash to your bank why?

Suspicious 'Rave Reviews'

August 18, 2021 by Doug from United Kingdom

Had a Website facelift, shame they couldn't have ALSO had a survey availability update as well.
Funny how, whenever they get a critical review, the almost immediately get someone who gives 5 stars, raving about all the surveys they get offered, for most panellist 1 every couple of months is exceptional.
They used to be a good site, with guaranteed cash payments for surveys completed, but now have becoming promiscuous, having their surveys offered by many other companies (My Survey, GTM, ISAY, Toluna to name but a view)
This means the moment you open a survey invite from any other provider that is "actually from New Vista", even although you never actually start it, according to NewVista's check system "You have already completed this Survey" and you're thrown out. Having suggested they consider a more reasonable attempted survey check was given a very arrogant "we seen no need to change our system" answer!
It SUCKS as the reward by third parties is usually FAR LESS that the reward you would have managed were you to have completed through NewVista.
So it seems either do ONLY Newvista and give up on all other survey companies or accept lower returns on NewVista Surveys via third parties. An Absurd scenario!

Downhill All The Way!

February 2, 2021 by Leroy from United Kingdom

Been with this site many years used to be great now very difficult to complete a survey answer many questions before screened out cash out threshold of £50 ridiculous.

Takes forever

January 26, 2021 by Ian from United Kingdom

Not a lot of invites and most of them come up as "already filled". It only pays out when you reach £50 and that takes a very long time!