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OpinionBar General Information

Millions of people express their opinions with OpinionBar each year! Since 1999, OpinionBar has been conducting online surveys on a large variety of subjects. They have worked with many international brands like UNICEF, Yahoo, Microsoft and Heineken, to name a few. Join OpinionBar and influence the future of business!

Perks of Joining OpinionBar
OpinionBar offers its members the option to take online surveys or even test new products before they are released! The fun and easy nature of the surveys make it simple to give your opinion on decisions being made by large corporations. You may also be asked to judge the latest commercials or to participate in online brainstorms.

Earn up to €50 per Survey!
Members who take online surveys will earn between €1.00 and €50.00 for each survey they complete! Panelists will be invited to participate in at least one survey per month and most can be completed in a short 10 minutes, although higher paying surveys may take longer.

Earn Cash or Donate
Once your account reaches a balance of €10.00, members have two options. They may either request a payment via bank transfer or donate their earnings to a charity of their choice! Payments are issued on the 1st of each month, and may take up to six weeks to show up in bank records, depending on the country you reside in.

Keep your Privacy!
With OpinionBar, the privacy of your information is safe and will never be shared. This is ensured by the use of a closed padlock in your browser known as SSL encryption. The information is encrypted and then sent to OpinionBar for study in aggregate form.

Eligibility: Multiple members can join from the same household. 18+

"Doesn't pay, won't answer emails"
June 23, 2017 by Rebecca from United States

I began having trouble with Opinion Bar a few weeks ago when their surveys kept telling me I'd reached a bad page. I emailed their help desk but never received any replies. I finally got enough to cash out and noticed that there was a payout pending--from February!! I have been trying to resolve this for a week and have received no replies to my emails. Now I am leaving bad reviews as I promised them and they apparently don't care about that, either. Don't both doing surveys for Opinion Bar, they don't pay as promised and don't care if their panelists have problems.

"Warning about Privacy"
April 28, 2017 by Darlene from United States

I never can get on the site to do a survey. I used to be able but never qualified for any survey. Then the past few months, my security software wont let me get on the site.

"I concur"
April 27, 2017 by Bill from United States

Now April, 2017, I still havent received any payment or reply from either Opinion Bar or it's parent, Metrixlab, the phone number on the Survey Police website that is for both, no one answers. I think this is a scam outfit. I would like to report them to the EU as well. I keep getting survey invites from Opinion Bar and even complete some, but they never reply to any of my inquiries. If they dont reply this time, I will just blow them off.
I also have been a long time member of Opinion Bar, since approx 0ct, 2011. I had no problems the few times I cashed out, I even cashed out earlier in 2016, however since I requested payout 14 Oct, 2016, I havent heard a thing, I have tried to contact them twice by filling out inquiry form on their site and it has been useless. I requested a $20+ payout. If they are going to stiff me, they can at least have the balls to tell me so I can move on. I won't be attempting any more surveys from them until I get this payout I requested almost 3 months ago, now.

"Does Not Pay Redemptions as Promised"
April 12, 2017 by Candice from United States

April 13, 2017 still no payment or reply from this company.

March 25, 2017 and still no reply or payment. Stay away from this bogus company.

Requested Payout of $10.90 on 12/9 and today is 1/31 (website says 4-6 weeks which is crazy in the first place) and I have sent 3 emails requests with no response or payout. I will wait another month to get paid and then cancel my account - not worth the aggravation and/or time. Run to a better survey site, there are plenty that pay immediately - Survey Spot, Opinion Outpost - even Mintvine and waitimes are only 5 days - No Excuse

"Stay far away"
April 04, 2017 by Eugene from United States

Stay far away from this site, they never sent you your redemption. Requested over 7 months ago and never got my redemption, it still says pending.




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