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Request a PayPal payment when your account reaches 6000 points (£4.20). Payout minimum may vary per country.
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OpinionNow General Information

Opinion Now
Opinion Now is a panel owned by a German market research company known as Untiedt Research, who was founded in 1998. Opinion Now has over 60,000 panelists and takes in new members from Germany, Austria, Canada, Australia and Switzerland.

Get Paid for your Opinion!
As a registered member you will be invited to online surveys or interviews on various topics such as: the development of new products, upcoming advertisements and viewing other innovative media forms. With Opinion Now, express your views through a variety of themes!

Get Rewarded for Short and Long Surveys
Credits received depends on the length of the survey completed. Shorter surveys, which usually take around 5-8 minutes, are rewarded with 500 credits. Longer surveys, which take usually around 30 minutes to complete, will be compensated with up to 3000 credits! 3000 credits are equivalent to 5 GBP or $7 US.

Choose from PayPal or Online Vouchers
Once you have collected enough credits, you may choose to have your balance transferred directly into your PayPal account or redeemed towards a variety of online vouchers! Minimum payout varies by country, to find your minimum redemption balance, click on the “credits” tab in your personal account. Payouts will be received the following Friday following your request.

Opinion Now adheres to a high standard of privacy in regards to all of its research activities. Answers from both online surveys and interviews are not analysed in conjunction with your name or address. Research findings are analysed in aggregate form to ensure privacy to each participant involved.

Eligibility: Residents of the following countries: Germany, Austria, Canada, Australia and Switzerland.

"Same problem!"
September 06, 2016 by Sylvia from United Kingdom

I'm also getting a problem trying to cash out my 7000 + points. I get a message like everyone else and I've had no response to my emails. Also, sometimes the website is in German, which I can read but it's supposed to be the English site!

"Exremely bad panel"
September 02, 2016 by Bryan from United States

I have reached their minimum payout which is 5000 credits for $6 PayPal and when I tried to cash out, all I get is this message:
Your account balance is 6070 credits.
You do not have enough credits for chosen products.
Please check your selection! Your PayPal payment limit is reached.
daily limit: euro
opinionnow.com: 6 USD via PayPal transfer payout: 28.450,00 euro

This has happen to other reviewers as well so I suggest no one to do their surveys until further notice.

"bad communication"
July 17, 2016 by paula from United Kingdom

i've been with this survey site a while and it taken some time to earn 7000 points.every time i try redeem my points i get this message.....
Your account balance is 7000 credits.

You do not have enough credits for chosen products.

Please check your selection! Your PayPal payment limit is reached.

daily limit: euro

opinionnow.co.uk - 4,20 GBP via PayPal transfer payout: 42.000,00 euro

redemption is 6000 points.i have tried contacting someone for the third time about this and i have had no reply to my emails which is frustrating i am not doing anymore surveys with opinion now..i would recommend not to sign up with these.

"Nice but slow top up"
June 04, 2016 by Leo from United Kingdom

Update - Still a strange one and still working for me.
Since they chanced their payments sys time ago from paying each survey directly to Paypal INTO a point system (6000 points = £4,20 -so you'll always have some 'left over' in your account), I received somehow less surveys or I qualify less.
So, now 4 stars only, which is anyway quite high, but because I never had problems with them.

The good things are:
They usually reward 10p if you dnq.
Redemption is low and no paypal fee calculated on top (unlike other panels operated by eg.Cint, which is unfair).
Also payments are fast. Points per survey varies but eg.1000 = £0.70

"Payments and Contact"
January 04, 2016 by JD from United Kingdom

They advertise payments every Friday, via Paypal, and my previous request was acted upon in three days and cleared OK.
I made another request on Mon 28/09/2015 and am still waiting for the Paypal eMail.
Have sent 3 messages via their contact page, and have received no replies, to date.
Shame if they've gone, as they were a good, but slow to earn, site
Oh, and they still owe me some cash!

Well, waddya know.
After leaving the previous review, and finally getting my payout, they canned me - I am now an ex-member of Opinionnow.
They STILL have never replied to any emails from me
so I think they're better left on the shelf now.




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