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Palm Research

501 W. Broadway, Suite A-381 San Diego, California  92101 US
Tel: (702) 736-5161   Contact: [email protected]
Operated by: Palm Research

Quick Overview:
Rewards Offered: Cash paid via PayPal Cash paid via check
Member Opportunities: Online surveys Online focus groups Product testing Daily surveys
Redeeming Rewards: $10 minimum account balance required to request PayPal payment.
Similar Panels: Univox Community, Opini

Palm Research is a research company located in California with origins dating back to 2009. Since then, the panel has grown to over 250 thousand members worldwide. Your opinions could help shape the products and services of the future!

Online Surveys, Focus Groups and Product Reviews

Palm Research offers its members the opportunity to participate in online surveys, focus groups and even product reviews! Surveys usually take about 6 to 12 minutes to complete, while focus groups are more or a time commitment, ranging from 30 minutes to 2 hours. Compensation will be in proportion to time spent.

Take Daily Surveys!

A unique element to Palm Research is the abundance of surveys available. Each day the site gives 3 daily surveys that members can take worth $1, $0.75 and $0.50. This makes it easy to rack up rewards quickly.

Get Cash Through PayPal or Check

Once you have accumulated $10 in your account, you may request a cash payment through either PayPal or by having a check mailed to your address. Palm Research keeps it simple and easy to get the rewards you deserve.

Eligibility: International members accepted. Members must be 14+, however many surveys require 18+ members only.

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July 25, 2019 by Dickson from Kenya

I have been doing these surveys for quite some time, but the rewards have never been credited to my Paypal Account.Whats wrong with their rewards system? They should improve.

Don't bother

February 29, 2016 by Neil from United Kingdom

I am not a member of this anymore but I was with the for a few years & at first it was one of the better sites I was with for regular payments. I used to get an email with two survey links & I usually managed to complete at least one most days, so my money totted up. Then I had the same issue that Jenna has already mentioned in a previous review. One day I found that I couldn't log into the site because I have been suspended due to the fact I had beached their rules for doing too many surveys. They refused to even communicate with me when I asked how I had done this. The only way I got any reply at all was to join under as a different member. I only did this so I could get some answers which they did for a while before cancelling my second membership. Don't waste your time with this!

What happened?

September 21, 2015 by Camille from Australia

I received my first payout long,long ago, since then I have noticed I have the correct amount in my account to receive more payouts, I don't receive payouts anymore. There are no suitable surveys for me anymore. I don't bother going on their site anymore.

Absolute Farce

May 3, 2015 by Jenna from United Kingdom

I joined this site in 2011 and left in 2013. I managed to cash out about £20 overall in that time - and left the site with a further £15 outstanding which I will never receive thanks to their silly mistake.

They have daily surveys which is great, you can get quite a bit on your account and quite quickly if you have the time to sit there and do so - I was at university so basically studying and doing survey sites was all I did. I enjoyed the surveys, tried to get at least one in every day, and the cash out wasn't too bad either. It was in dollars which meant a bit was lost when you cashed out, I think it was $20 minimum which was around £13 at the time, suited me just fine.

In 2011 and 2012 I had my payouts no problem. In 2013 I requested a payout, and when it didn't arrive I tried to log in and check and found my account had been suspended. And my hard-earned survey cash would not be sent to me, ever. I emailed and complained and was told that it was because I breached their rules - I was doing more than one daily survey per day, which wasn't in line with their rules, and therefore I was banned.

Fair, you might think. But whilst this is a genuine reason to ban someone, they never even had the steps in place to stop me from doing it in the first place... You could click through the daily surveys as many times as you wanted until they literally had none left, so to say that I breached their rules when they had nothing in place to stop what I did is absurd. Any other site that has daily surveys puts a limit of one on - and if you click through to do one once you've completed one for the day, they tell you come back tomorrow because you've already done it. As someone who has been a member of at least survey site for the last 5 years, even I know that's how it's done! Plus, if it was so against their rules, why did the first two cashouts go through without a problem?

If you're willing to sit there and only click through once when it's possible to click through dozens of times, then join up - but expect to have your money taken from you if you do it more than once, even though at the time I never actually found anything in their rules, T&Cs, or FAQs about said rule...


April 8, 2015 by stella from United Kingdom

I have been with them for 3 years and they used to be ok now I can not do any of their surveys because they are in a foreign language, I have tried to contact them from their page but the message button is disabled and when I sent them a normal e-mail it has been sent back because their message box is full. I would delete my account but I cant.