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Panel Champ

125 Lakeshore Rd E, Suite 305 Oakville, Ontario  L6J 1H3 CA
Tel: +1 416.860.0404   Contact: [email protected]
Operated by: Quest Global Research Group

Quick Overview:
Rewards Offered: Cash paid via PayPal Amazon gift cards Cash paid via check Prepaid debit or credit cards Reward Link
Member Opportunities: Online surveys Teen surveys
Redeeming Rewards: Request a PayPal payment with a minimum account balance of: $12.50 (USA), $12.50 (Canada), $17.00 (AUS), 8 GBP (UK), 10 Euro (Europe), etc. Amazon gift cards are also available residents of the US and UK only.
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As of June, 2018, Quest Mindshare rebranded itself as Panel Champ.

Panel Champ is an international online survey panel featuring short surveys that pay cash awarded by PayPal. Special survey opportunities featuring longer surveys with higher payouts are also available.

Payment and Rewards

Get Paid Via PayPal and More

After a study closes, your account will be credited in the dollar amount offered for the survey. For those from the USA, once your account reaches a balance of $12.50, you may request a payment to your PayPal account. The panel also offers payout via Amazon vouchers, Tango cards, prepaid credit cards or check.

The following are the required minimum payout levels for other countries: £8 in the UK, $17 AUD in Australia, $15 NZD in New Zealand, € 10 in European countries, and $12.50 in Canada.

US and UK Residents Can Earn Amazon Gift Cards

Only residents of the USA and UK have the option of receiving Amazon gift cards instead of PayPal payments. You can request an Amazon card with $10 (or £10 in the UK) in your account.

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Survey Taking Experience

Types of Surveys Offered

Online surveys on topics such as travel, finance, healthcare, lifestyle, consumer goods, and technology among others.

High Paying Music Surveys

Panel Champ advertises lucrative music surveys that pay up to $90 per study. These studies are in high demand by survey takers, so if you see one, act fast!

Average Survey Lengths and Payment Amounts

Panel Champ is a fast-growing online survey panel that features average survey lengths between 7-30 minutes. Most surveys pay between $0.25 to $5 per study completion. Music surveys often pay out much more!

Eligibility: Everyone worldwide, 16+

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October 9, 2019 by mike from United States

still waiting on a study i did. said get paid in 4-6 weeks been way past that and nothing. contacted 4 times and not one e-mail back.

No Respond From Contact Email

September 3, 2019 by Rosemary from United States

I am a panelist at "Panel Champ" for almost a year.I have encounter several survey errors in the past few months which i reported to "Panel Champ" asking for my account to be credited.Panel Champ have never respond to any of my three emails to their customer service in over a month.Today i just completed another survey which ended in error after spending an hour for $4.00.I sent them another email today about this ,to let them know i'm awaiting my credit.I would not recommend any one to waste their time on 'Panel Champ" for they don't respond to panelist emails or credit our account for survey errors like other panels.I will close my account for my time is much more valuable than being wasted on "Panel Champ" survey errors.

Account Blocked

September 3, 2019 by Shawn from United States

I used this site for several years with no problem when I was getting Amazon cards. I tried to cash out for $ 12.50 on paypal, and my account was locked. I never received payment.
I contacted Panel Champ and they said it was Cint decision. I contacted Cint and haven't heard a reply. If my account was to be locked, why was it AFTER I cashed out?

Typical cint

July 23, 2019 by Martin from United Kingdom

Takes forever to get points (DQ on at least 90%). Once getting enough for reward an £8 payout becomes £7.84 after 'deductions' for administration!

Stay well clear of this panel

May 5, 2019 by Alan from United Kingdom

I registered with this panel last week and received approximately 8 emails but every time I access there is a technical issue so cannot start survey. The only thing that works is the profiling questions at start. Are they just looking for this information free of charge. I have also in last week had numerous phishing emails which I am convinced comes from flaws in their systems or is deliberate. Stay well clear of this panel