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103-3015 Dunes West Blvd, Mt. Pleasant, SC  29466 US
Tel: 1-800-671-0788  Contact: http://safecountcommunity.com/MoreInfo/ContactUs
Operated by: Market Cube

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As of 2014, the Safecount Viewpoint Community panel merged with the Univox Community
"age discriminatory"
February 16, 2014 by Fred from United States

Extremely poor site that will never respond to an email. I completed 2 500 point surveys and didn't get credit I emailed them several times and no reply.
I'm just over 50 yrs old and everytime I state my age I'm disqualified, other then the 2 surveys I mentioned. This site is a waste of time and no support

"Worst Panel Ever"
January 28, 2014 by Linda from United States

I've been a member for a few years but the last year has gone straight to the dogs. i've been emailing weekly since Dec. 2012 to get points for many surveys that never credited. They do not answer their contact form messages. I'm also trying to get my most recent Amazon redemption from 2 months ago. I went to their Facebook page and discovered it was full of nothing but panel members trying to get their redemptions as well, most of which were much more overdue than mine. Once in a great while I get a response from them on Facebook but they continue to tell me they've submitted my issue, then nothing else ever happens. Today's reply said they're fighting fraud by users on their site and that's why all redemptions have been delayed. Personally I think that's just another excuse. If there's fraud, it wouldn't surprise me if it came from within the company. Regardless, they owe so many people rewards and are doing nothing about it. Waiting months to even reply to an email is inexcusable. I even called their 800# and also emailed Market-cube VIP's and they don't even do anything either. Be warned! Do not waste any time joining this panel or completing their surveys. It will get you nothing but pure aggravation in the end. They may have started out okay but things are definitely in the garbage now! Update Jan.2014- I finally got my last redemption. It took waiting until they had their new site up and running. Things seem to be better now although I haven't had a need to contact support or request a redemption. I'mgetting surveys from them but not as many and being a bit gunshy, I haven't replied to many either. Beware is all I can say. I had such issues with them as did so many others, that I still have a lot of reservation about this panel.

January 13, 2014 by Amy from United States

I have had 1385 points sitting in there since September, and they have not sent me one survey. I called today, and the line is no longer in service, and they do not answer emails. So basically, they have stolen my money. I guess I will write to the better business bureau and state attorney general to try and get my money.

"17 days, still no response"
October 11, 2013 by katherine from United States

i had done a couple of their surveys, but not enough to reach the cashout threshold. then i did a survey which i did not get my reward for. i contacted their customer service 17 days ago to complain, but they still have not responded. i contacted them a second time a week ago, but still nothing. i don't want to waste my time doing their surveys if rewards fail to be added to my account and their customer service is non-existent. most companies will respond to queries within a day or two. this company apparently just ignores you.

"Apr 10, 2013"
April 11, 2013 by Brenda from United States

In general, the surveys pay well for the time required. I was able to cash out for $25 within 60 days, and I received my reward within 30 days. However, I've completed several surveys for which I received 0 points--most often the survey rerouted me to Univox site rather than SafeCount Viewpoint. The count is now 5 surveys, total pts worth $17, for which I've received 0 points. I've contacted them twice for each survey, and have never, ever received even a single confirmation that my messages have been received.




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