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950 West Vally Road, Suite 2700, Wayne, PA  19087 United States
Tel: 215.367.4000  Contact: http://www.surveysquad.com/contact/
Operated by: Focus Forward, LLC

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Green checkboxCash paid via check
Green checkboxMerchandise
Green checkboxSweepstakes entries
Member Opportunities
Green checkboxOnline surveys
Green checkboxBusiness surveys
Green checkboxMedical surveys
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20,000 points ($20) minimum account balance required in order to request payment check.

Survey Squad General Information

Survey Squad
Previously known as "Focus Forward Online", Survey Squad is powered by Focus Forward. Since 2003, Focus Forward has been bringing together people who would like to share their opinions with the companies who want to hear them and make choices based on those opinions. Survey Squad needs you, get paid for your opinions.

Different Ways to Make Bank!
Survey Squad pays for members to participate in online, mobile surveys, in-person focus groups and phone interviews. Join today by completing a profile, and start making money right away! Earn up to 2,500 points ($2.50 value) just for filling out a short profiling questionnaire.

Longer commitment projects such as: in-person interviews, phone interviews, or online bulletin boards, typical reward between $100 – $300, but range based on study requirements. Online or mobile survey rewards are typically between 1,000 - 5,000 points, which equates to $1 - $5 per study.

3 Panels to Join!

  • Consumers: Regardless of your age, gender or background, we have an opportunity for you! Share your thoughts and experiences on your favorite brands.
  • Business Professionals: Do you work in the business industry? Want to network with other business professionals? Survey Squad works with some of the largest business to business brands looking for your insight!
  • Medical Professionals: Whether you’re a doctor, a nurse or a lab tech, Survey Squad’s medical community provides valuable feedback on everything from new medical devices to pharmaceutical research.

Project Rewards

  • Qualitative Rewards: Rewards are usually paid by check. One exception is in-person research which is usually paid when you finish. Checks for phone interviews, mobile surveys and online surveys should be received within six weeks. Panelists may be rewarded with prizes other than checks, but this will be made clear in the project invitation.
  • Online Rewards: Rewards from online surveys come in the form of "Focus Forward Points". 1,000 points equals $1.00. When your account reaches 20,000 points you can redeem for $20 by check.
  • Individual Rewards: Some projects have unique rewards given specifically for the given project. These can be cash, products, gift baskets or other gifts. These special types of rewards will not appear in your member account but expect to receive them in up to six weeks.

Online Survey Sweepstakes
Each time you complete a full survey, you have the chance to win one of the monthly sweepstakes! Each month 7 winners are announced. There are 3 different prizes that can be won: one 250,000 point winner, one 100,000 point winner, one 50,000 point winner and four winners of 25,000. Winners are contacts by email and the points show up in their member accounts. Good luck!

Tweet About It!
All of Survey Squad's projects are tweeted in real time on Twitter so you can keep track of the newest opportunities. Find the hottest projects that interest you and are paid right! Also, if you are looking for extra projects that you are not initially invited to, apply for projects on the Twitter page, but apply quickly because these fill up fast!

How Often Can I Participate?
Each client with Survey Squad has different requirements of length between studies. Survey companies can ask anywhere from 3 months to a year between participation in studies. This does not count towards any online surveys.

Eligibility: United States residents only, 13+

"not the right fit for me"
May 02, 2017 by Zipporah from United States

This website is for someone who doesn't mind being opposed upon by strangers and different projects Im not that type of people person and I love my privacy and being off to myself not a bad website if thats what you like to do and they actually pay you for your time.

"Very Good Surveys, NO Paying."
January 13, 2017 by Jonathan from United States

I feel that I have lost out a lot of money with this site. I have never been paid for my services, and it amounts to THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS with this site in completed surveys. Avoid at all costs. ($10,000 or more in lost revenue stream)

April 08, 2016 by Kelly from United States

I feel that joining this focus group would be a waste of your time. I was very satisfied with the amount of emails I received from them. It's just to bad that after almost a year of responding to the emails, I never once qualified.

"THE slowest paying site.. EVER"
February 22, 2016 by Brooks from United States

I've been able to cash maybe two times with these guys. You'll see your wiithdrawal in Paypal eventually but it can tale nearly four months.
Also, they are very hinky with qualifying like so many others, and furthermore they do not respond at all to e-mails sent to their customer service.
I wouldn't waste my time with this one if I were you.

"I'm not sure what they want?"
February 07, 2016 by Keli from United States

I have tried for over a year to qualify for just 1 survey/ in person survey. The last one I was sure I qualified for. I was told I would receive a phone call so I left my day open and no call. I don't understand why these in person surveys only benefit the unemployed or retired? I can't take off days from work to do a survey. What about Saturdays? Or evenings?




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