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SurveySavvy General Information


Payment and Rewards
With Surveysavvy you can take online surveys in exchange for cash and get paid by check. Request a check with only $1 in your account. Note that you will be paid in US dollars, regardless of what country you reside in.

Great Monthly Draws for When You Don't Qualify
If you attempt to complete a survey and get disqualified, you will earn an entry into the cash draw where you could be one of 50 winners who will receive $10 credited to their accounts.

SurveySavvy has a new tool called SavvyConnect where members can participate in market research by surfing the internet. SavvyConnect aggregates data to provide analysis on internet surfing habits - this information is not sold and is used for behavioral research purposes only. Installing SavvyConnect on your computer or mobile device also enables SurveySavvy members to access additional paid research opportunities. Click here to learn more about SavvyConnect

Referral Program
SurveySavvy offers a generous 2-tiered referral program. Not only will you earn a portion of the cash earnings for your direct referrals, but you will also earn a portion of what the survey earnings from your referrals' referrals.

Worldwide Presence
SurveySavvy is one of the very few online survey panels that accept people from all around the world. They have members in over 195 countries and have been around since 1999.

Special Contests and Opportunities
On occasion, SurveySavvy offers their members the opportunity to win contests. Opportunities such as choosing which charity should receive a substantial donation, YouTube video contests for a cash prize, etc. have all been offered in the past.

Complete Profilers for Better Matched Surveys
SurveySavvy's profilers are called "portraits", which are short surveys stored in your account which, if completed, are designed to better match you with online surveys that become available. As well, members who fill in these portraits may be selected to complete studies that members who have not completed these, will not.

Eligibility: Residents worldwide, aged 13+

"It's okay"
April 26, 2017 by Kaitlyn from United States

This website is not very clear with how they use your information. They have projects that track your internet usage and these pay upwards of $50. However, they use a private app that installs a VPN onto your devices. Why can't the app be off of the Google Play Store or something like it? I do receive the occasional regular survey, which they do offer, but I have only made 1 dollar and have been with them for almost 3 months now. To really make money, you need to do the projects that track your internet usage and history with their app. Not too satisfied with this site and do not recommend due to lack of surveys and the way they use my internet data.

"Survey Savvy Review"
April 01, 2017 by Chris from United States

This is an excellent site to do surveys. They have many surveys you can do and they pay you if you want once you have $1.00 in your account which is great! Of course you could wait till you accumulate more dollars before redeeming for a check!!!

"My experience with Survey Savvy"
February 10, 2017 by Patricia from United States

I have had Survey Savvy/Savvy Connect since about October 2016. It takes a very long time after a full month is completed to see your money in your account. I finally was able to redeem my first payout in December 2016. I received $4 for four surveys and $10 for having Savvy Connect on two devices. I received a check after about two weeks. Surveys aren't very often and I don't always qualify. And I have often received annoying popups questioning my SurveySavvy connection. To me it is slow paying and not a high payout, but I will stick with it for now for the extra money.

January 28, 2017 by Amy from United States

I also have been participating in their "junk mail" project which promises $10 for each completed month. When I didn't receive any compensation I inquired and was told that I had to be participating in the email portion of the study also in order to be paid. You can imagine my frustration after participating for 4 months and being told that there was no way I could be compensated for the prior 4 months. . So I checked out the email portion instructions and they assured me, but could not show me, that it is only your spam folder that gets forwarded to them. I was told that "that's just the way the program works and if I had privacy concerns, that I could opt out". The way I see it, the instructions have you forward ALL of your email to them. Again, they could not explain to me how it works, just told me that it works that way. I don't trust these people as far as I can throw them. I think they will do anything they can to get you to participate in their projects and find the sneakiest way they can to keep from paying you! As far as surveys go, you are lucky if you qualify for one every couple of months! I would strongly recommend not wasting your time or energy with this outfit unless you happen to enjoy being taken advantage of! :o(

"doesn't always pay"
January 17, 2017 by Rita from United States

While I have had success in getting paid for several small surveys, as well as receiving 2 free cans of coffee to test market, and getting paid for the project, I still haven't actually received my checks. Also, I have been working on a Direct Mail project with this site, and was promised $10 per every 4 weeks of mail that I return to them. I am currently working on week 11, and have yet to get paid. They are claiming that I need to participate in their email forwarding program, as well, but I am arguing that, nowhere in the letters received with each bundle of return envelopes, does it say that you need to forward emails, as well, to get paid. This is my means of making extra money, and I feel as if I am being cheated. I am waiting on a response to my last email, but it takes several days for them to respond.




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