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Operated by: Testspin Inc.

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Green checkboxCash paid via PayPal
Green checkboxAmazon gift cards
Member Opportunities
Green checkboxOnline surveys
Green checkboxOnline focus groups
Green checkboxDaily surveys
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10,000 minimum itcoin balance required in order to request rewards.
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Testspin General Information

Testspin is an online survey panel and market research company with over 11 million members worldwide! Testspin has over 20 years of experience with performing high quality research studies. Members are invited to participate in online surveys and focus groups that test websites, products, music, and videos.

Earn up to $600 in Free Gifts Cards!
Members can rack up rewards fast by taking online surveys with Testspin. Survey invitations are sent out quite often, and have an average payout of $1 - $2, with lengthier studies having payouts up to $10 per survey. There are also surveys geared towards business and IT professional which are rewarded with $3 - $4 per completion. Testspin offers invitations to join focus groups, which pay $30 for participation!

Earn Itcoins for your Efforts
Once you complete a research study it usually takes about 30 days for the reward to appear within your account. This is due to the time it takes for the survey to be closed. Your account will be credited with a point system called itcoins. Once you earn 10,000 itcoins you may redeem them for a variety of reward options at RedeemItNow.com!

ReedeemItNow is a website that offers lucrative reward options that you can buy with your collected itcoins. There are three different reward options:

  • Gift Certificates: Trade 10,000 itcoins for a $10 Amazon e-voucher.
  • PayPal Transfer: Trade your points in directly for cash! Payment is received 5-7 days after the request is made. Minimum of 10,000 itcoins required.
  • Free Products: Browse through new and exciting product options!

Eligibility: Open to residents worldwide, age 13+

"no cash out looks gone or going"
June 03, 2017 by Bridget from United States

NO way to cash out :-( Hope it comes back but little hope unfortunately. They still send surveys fast and furious.

"Despicable Company"
November 07, 2016 by Alice from United States

Looks like we are all out of luck. At first I was receiving about 20 survey email invitations a day, none that I qualified for, and then a month ago, all their emails just stopped. They must be out of business, as they disappeared and are off the Internet. I tried calling them, but their phone has been disconnected. They left us all holding the bag. Many panelists who did not cash in their points must have lost lots of reward money. I am one of the more fortunate ones; I am only out about $12.50. That is why you should never allow your account with any of these survey companies to accumulate too many points. Cash those points in! I do not know if there is any recourse, but all I can say is that this company did us all a terrible injustice.

November 05, 2016 by Barbara from United States

I've been trying to unsubscribe from them for weeks now, as they never answer e-mails, and from what I've read on this page, they seem to be out of business. But even clicking on their unsubscribe page, I can never get into their site - so I have to click on every single survey they STILL send to delete them. Isn't there some sort of overseer to make sure these companies are legitimate?

"Think they are out of business"
November 03, 2016 by Rhonda from United States

They have owed me $20 for 3 months now. The site does not come up and their phone is disconnected. Guess I lose.

"Worst survey company in the world"
October 30, 2016 by Bharat from India

For every survey, they will keep re-directing you to multiple surveys, and its likely you will get kicked out after 20-30 min of your hard work.....If you dont get kicked out, enjoy the 20-30 cents for 1/2 hr of hard work...




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