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Testspin General Information

Testspin is an online survey panel and market research company with currently over 11 million members. Members are asked to participate in online surveys and focus groups that test websites, products, music, and videos.

Members of Testspin earn itcoins and these can be redeemed with RedeemItNow for various rewards.

Eligibility: Open tio residents worldwide, age 13+

"Out of business"
October 22, 2016 by ka from United States

I had them for over 10 years.No way to access their website,their facebook profile has been cleared,shows no content.I bet they sold their client list so they can collect money,but you will never see any of it.You will be bombarded with 75 requests a day,do yourself a favor and hit spam. All the surveys are rerouted to surveyselector and samplicious,no compensation.

"Are they there or not?"
October 21, 2016 by Barbara from United States

I can't connect with them on any level, EXCEPT they are sending multiple surveys/day. I try to take them in order to get to the end, so that I might get a link to their home site - but there's no longer anything to click on. Can SOMEBODY tell me definitively whether or not they're still in business? I'll let them keep my points, but I just don't want to waste anymore time on their surveys if I'm not going to be paid for them!

"Closed down now?"
October 13, 2016 by Eileen from United States

Seems so, as it is no longer possible to reach the website -- trying merely returns errors, multiple times, multiple browsers. Thus no longer possible to even request accumulated rewards cash out. For what it's worth the phone number has been disconnected + it is not possible to prevent daily influx of dozens and dozens of email invitations and letters are returned by the Post Office.

"Not Worth It"
October 08, 2016 by Estella from United States

I cashed out for Paypal on August 9,2016 for $9.65. I wrote them last week about my redemption and no one ever wrote me back. I tried to log in today several times and the site is not working. It keep telling me to check my firewall but I know that it is working. They should have kept it like it was instead of the Redeem It Now, It was way better and you would always get paid. Now with this new site, it is just a waste of time, I would rather just stick with the ones that I know will pay.

"stay away"
October 03, 2016 by cheryl from United States

it can take months to EVER get a response back and years to get points. It isn't worth the aggravation. They send a boilerplate response if you contact them. It says they'll get back to you by one business day. It's been two months and no response

10/2/2016 Update: checked last month and my points FINALLY credited. I attempted to cash in and it won't allow me to cash out with Amazon and I don't have enough points for PayPal. Today, I tried to log in and se if Amazon redemption worked. I FOUND MY ACCOUNT LOCKED FOR SOME NON EXISTENT RULE INFRACTION. I have NOT taken ANY surveys in three months because they took too long (9 months) to award points. Contacting them is a futile experience. I tried 6 months and NEVER HEARD BACK.
I'll not waste any more time on thedm




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